Lexus’ Teases Smoking Hot New LS

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Lexus is relying on the age old smoke an mirrors trick to tease the new LS. As far as teasers go, this one is pretty cool. It’s similar to Infiniti’s silhouettes but with more… Heat. It deserves it too: The LS getting some serious go-fast hardware in the coming months. Let’s hope it’s as smokin’ as this teaser would have us believe.

That said, the teaser gives us a pretty strong idea for what the LS’ profile might look like. Hopefully it’s a totally new model built in the mold of the GS, but that might be hoping for a bit much. Regardless, we’ll know for sure about the LS later this month when it makes it full debut.

Even if it doesn’t get a total overhaul, the LS will be the recipient of a new F-Sport variant. Even better than that though is the racy TMG edition that’s in the wings. It seems Lexus is really making moves towards bringing their cars from blandness to bad-ass. Let’s hope they live up to our expectations.

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