The Lexus IS: Boldly Shaving Where No Car Has Shaved Before

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Shaving Lexus

A pressing question: What do the Lexus IS, St. Patty’s day, and Patrick Stewart have in common? Usually, nothing, but through a stroke of good fortune I’ve been handed a story about a great philanthropic project by Lexus. The Goal? o conquer children’s cancers.

In a nutshell, they’ve called it the Lexus Bold IS campaign. Lexus has partnered with the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a charity well known for their signature head-shaving events where “shavees” fundraise for childhood cancer research and to show solidarity with kids with cancer.

Lexus invites their network of bold Lexus IS drivers and fans to show just how bold they can be, in the cause against children’s cancers; with a chance for the boldest baldy to win $2,500.

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To join the cause and enter the contest, participants are asked to:

  • Shave their head (clippers, no razor) and raise money for the cause of fighting childhood cancers.
  • Come up with a bold and compellingway you’d spend $2,500. Lexus offers some ideas like hiking Machu Picchu, or wearing a superhero costume and delivering toys to a children’s hospital.
  • Submit a 15-second video of the head shaving/or after and state “Bold is shaving my head to… (what way you will spent the $2,500), then post it on Instagram with #LexusBoldIS.

All official contest details here. Lexus will even be throwing a “Great Shave event” on in March at the Yotoa Headquarter’s South Campus in Torrance, CA with music, catered food, and puntastically enough, the Get Shaved food truck.

I’m a huge fan of this campaign. The punny word play won me over but it also taps on a pretty interesting notion within our cultural norm that being bald is a crazy thing to do. Luckily, St. Baldrick’s is doing their best to break the norm. Raising money for cancer research is one thing, but giving the children who are suffering these debilitating disease an added level of support is pretty awesome. Kudos Lexus.

Convinced? Considering it? On the fence?

To help push you in the right direction, here’s a top ten list of some bold, badass celebrities/personalities who have undergone the clean head treatment.


Bald Collage

  1. Vin Diesel + Dwayne Johnson – Count as one, because “THIS IS BRAZIL”
  2. Joe Rogan – “Shave it bitch, deal with that, just accept the fact that you don’t have any hair.”
  3. Neil Strauss – Notable pioneer and evangelist for rocking the bald look and adding to one’s sense of self confidence.
  4. Michael Jordan – Because, Space Jam, and because it’s goddamn Michael Jordan
  5. Patrick Stewart – Really needed to share this photo of Patrick Stewart rocking a gnarly moustache and bloody hand.
  6. Bruce Willis – Because it’s f*ckin’ Bruce Willis.
  7. Seth Godin – The spokesperson for global tribe of bald entrepreneurs.
  8. Tyler Durden – “From now on, all those with shaved heads: “Space Monkeys”.”
  9. Dhalsim – Probably the most badass Yoga practitioner of all time
  10. Natalie Portman – <3.

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