Lexus LFA, IS-F, Scion FR-S vs… Toyota Camry?

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Screen Shot 2014-03-02 at 2.38.28 PM

For those of you who come from a big family (or have kids of your own), I’m sure you can share in the joy of watching when siblings are out on the playground, playing nice with each other.

This is kind of like that, except nice probably wouldn’t be the best word to use. Watch a whole lineup of Toyota/Lexus siblings tear up a closed course track with the auditory violence of a game of pick up chainsaw tag (if that’s even a thing). Everyone gets involved, Camrys, an FR-S, a race-prepped IS-F CCS, and of course, a bold, red LFA in presumably stock form.

I’d also comfortably tuck this video under the category #throttleporn as you hear the LFA’s screaming exhaust note blast from its epic V10 and bounce off the many surfaces of downtown Long Beach. The yearly Long Beach Grand Prix, just hit the top of my list of things to attend in 2014.


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