Lexus Owner Has Car Stolen, Reacts Like a Champ

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Crashed Stolen Lexus

A community leader in St. Paul dedicates his life to helping disadvantaged youth. Then, his prized Lexus is lifted & trashed by a random teen.

We’ve all been there. We’re walking into the gas station to pay for fuel or pick up a soda, and someone loitering outside asks us for a smoke. Usually it’s just a moment or two of discomfort forgotten almost immediately. For one man in St. Paul, Minnesota, it cost him his Lexus. Yeah, we immediately got p.o.’d, too, the moment we read that in the news.

On Christmas Day, Rashad Turner, a local politician and community organizer, stopped at a local SuperAmerica gas station. On his way inside, he was approached by a teenager who asked Turner to buy him cigarettes.

Turner refused, and that’s when 17-year-old Parker Steven LaFromboise jumped into Turner’s Lexus and sped out of the parking lot. A confused and understandably upset Turner was left holding the Lexus’ key fob.

In his words, it’s upsetting to have “a vehicle stolen from right in front of my face,” he tells Twin Cities Pioneer Press, and he’s still unsure of how LaFromboise was able to drive away with the car without a key.

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