‘Scum-fighting’ Lexus Jet Debuts in Men In Black: International

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‘The Lexus jet reflects the future of the Lexus brand–the far, far distant future,’ says Lexus.

The recent Hollywood premiere of the new Men in Black: International flick featured the world debut of the Lexus QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer jet — the first in the brand’s new jet-class fleet. Currently available only to MIB agents, it is powered by hybrid transformer technology. With the push of a button it morphs from a 2020 Lexus RC F sport coupe into the most powerful IFO (Identified Flying Object) ever engineered by Lexus. It is also the only Lexus available in the darkest black in the entire universe: Umbra Black.

“The Lexus jet reflects the future of the Lexus brand–the far, far distant future,” says Lexus Marketing V.P. Lisa Materazzo. “With the most advanced alien-fighting technology, performance and sophisticated styling, it’s in a class of its own,” she says about the “powerful scum-fighting Lexus jet” that was computer generated in the film and does not exist in reality. (At least, not yet.).

In a top-secret exchange of knowledge with an alien partner, brokered by “the agency,” Lexus was able to secure Quasar Power Source Technology that uses the power of the nearest Active Galactic Nucleus to travel anywhere in the universe in seconds. Quasi-Stellar Objects are found in every galaxy that has a supermassive central black hole. So, all Quasar Power Source Technology-powered Lexus vehicles are named after black holes.

Lexus Jet

Key jet features include:


  • Inter-Galactic Positioning System
  • Amazon Alexa understands all seven trillion alien languages
  • Gamma ray headlamps
  • Infinite scaling technology


  • Lexus’ very latest Quasar Power Source Technology
  • Propulsion system named after Black Hole TON 618
  • 122 MPG (Millennia Per Gallon)
  • Three driving modes: EcoDrive, SportDrive, QuantumDrive
  • 0-60 in 0.0000000000001 nanoseconds
  • Light-speed-matching capability

Comfort & Design

  • Intergalactically sourced, ethically spawned Adorian leather


  • Lexus’ latest transforming seats with a 31-point harnesses to accommodate every body type in the universe
  • Lexus Safety System+ (LSS+) with available force field technology

Styles & Packages

  • Enforcer Package
  • Everything you need to protect the Earth from the scum of the universe
  • Also available in six other colors, but naturally, Lexus recommends UmbraBlack

Lexus Jet

“The Lexus RC F sports coupe and QZ 618 Galactic Enforcer jet provide the perfect vehicles for our team of Men in Black agents as they protect the galaxy,” adds Jeffrey Godsick, Sony Pictures’ Brand Manager.

Men in Black: International opens on June 14.

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