“RC500 F” Trademarked in Canada

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I don’t think anyone would be surprised to see a 5-liter V8 in the RC-F, but this new bit of information really does seal the deal. Not that I’m complaining. A rear-wheel drive V8 Toyota sports car has been at the top of my wishlist since the year 2000. 

A mod over on My.is noticed that Lexus filed an application for the RC500 F trademark in Canada. Apparently, the trademark “RCF” was taken by a company that creates automotive lubricants in Canada. As such, the Lexus wasn’t able to secure it themselves. Instead they registered RC500 F.

More than likely, they’ll be using some permutation of the 2UR-GSE in the the current IS-F. If that’s true, then we should expect the RC F to make about 417 horsepower and a lot of noise. This makes sense considering all of the spy video I’ve seen on youtube of the RC F sounds a lot like the thrum of a V8.

via [LexusEnthusiast]
source [My.IS]

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