RC F GT500 Car Gets Loud on Okayama Circuit

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Here’s a fun fact: In Japan, The Super GT 500 series of race cars are only allowed four-cylinder engines. That means that the RC F GT500 is a 500 horsepower race car with a half the cylinder count of the production model and less than half of the displacement. Crazy right? This is the highest level of touring car racing in Japan. Starting this year, you’ll only hear the pitchy wails of boosted four cylinders terrorizing the track.

Not that it’s a bad sound. The video below has the RC F GT500 tooling around Okayama Circuit at full tilt. As someone who grew up in the import car scene, I like it. It sounds like revvy, highstrung turbo street cars that I grew up with. Still though, I cant in all honesty say it sounds as good as the V8. It doesn’t.


Luckily, the RC-F that Lexus built for the FIA GT3 specification has a 540 horsepower V8 that spits fire and haunts the nightmares of worried housewives and pulls in the attention of gear heads like a siren’s wail.

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