Mini-Me: Tomica Debuts Die-Cast IS F Sport

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I give the tuning community five minute before you see these perched on the dashboards of IS F Sport owners around southern California. It’s just bound to happen. More power to them, honestly. If my car were in the condition where I’d care about people looking at it, I’d totally be doing the same thing.

Even if you don’t take part in that little ritual, the arrival of these little die-cast cars is a small milestone for the F-Sport IS and F-Sport in general. These are likely the first F-Sport cars ever turned into miniatures. They’ll be the first F-Sport models ever that children will leave unseen in hallways right underneath your waiting foot. They’ll be the first F-Sport models EVER to do a loop-de-loop (if a hot wheels kit is nearby anyway.)

Auspicious times for Lexus, my friends. Auspicious times.

via [Lexus Enthusiast]

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