New ‘Superior’ LX 570 Variant Available in Russia

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Lexus LX570

Will the U.S. ever see the more aggressively-styled SUV?

The Lexus LX 570 is a great SUV that combines the utility and capability of an SUV with the style you’d expect out of a luxury vehicle. Unlike the crossover vehicles that are flooding the luxury market, the LX 570 is a true SUV with off-roading ability. Needless to say, Lexus wants to make sure customers around the world are excited about this year’s LX 570. To sweeten the deal in a couple foreign markets, Lexus is prepping a new variant of the popular SUV.

According to the Australian website Car Advice, Russia is readying the release of the Lexus LX Superior. While the LX is staying the same under the hood, the real difference between the standard LX 570 and the Superior is the exterior. The Superior comes with a variety of flourishes that give the exterior of the vehicle a truly aggressive look. The black web-like grille is a definite attention-grabber, as are the sporty extensions added to the front and rear bumpers. It’s clear that Russia is going away from the rugged look of the standard LX 570, in favor of features you’d find on an exotic sports car.

Lexus LX 570

The interior is also getting a few added bells and whistles. The Superior will come with aluminum pedals, added wood options, as well as a black ceiling headlining for an additional fee. As mentioned previously, the drivetrain and other features remain unchanged. This is just a variant for those who want a little more pizzazz on their LX.

Indian Autos Blog is also reporting that the Superior variant of the LX 570 is going to make its way to the Middle Eastern markets. Dubbed the “LX 570S,” the vehicle shares all the same options seen in the Superior, but with a different model name.

No word yet on other markets getting their own version of the Superior, but if this vehicle becomes a huge seller, we could easily see Lexus releasing the variant in more areas worldwide.

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