LFA Nurburgring Edition Heads to Auction

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Heads up rich people! If you weren’t able to get your hands on an LFA Nurburgring edition when they first went on sale, you’re finally in luck. One is up for auction at the RK Motors Collector car auction in Charlotte, North Carolina. Jump in your Lear right now if you want a crack at it.

There were only 50 of these built, so I imagine the ultimate price will be well above the initial $465,000 it took to buy one in the first place. Still, you get absolute exclusivity and a car that’s capable of lapping the Nurburgring faster than most everything with wheels. It’s only got 366 miles on it too! That’s like, certified pre-owned status.

They’ve also got a sweet 680 horsepower Camry on auction. It’s got a V8 and rear wheel drive making it, basically, the best Camry that has ever existed.


via [SuperStreet]

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