E. Kanoo’s 10-Liter IS-F is an Absolute Monster

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Holy. Freaking. Crap. Now, it’s not as though E. Kanoo is a new comer to the tuning scene, but typically we’re used to seeing Supras and other more “racey” makes from him. This is though? Sweet googly moogly. Lets run through some of the specs.

The engine is a custom built, 650ci V8. In more familiar units, that’s about 10.5 liters of displacement. I have no idea what motor it is, but I know that I want one. Twin-turbos with an amazing labyrinth of plated plumbing mean that they’ll likely get somewhere in the vicinity of 1700+ horsepower or so. All that power is routed through a Turbo 400 tranny and managed by a motec M150.

This car has just finished being built, so they’re still dialing everything in. You can’t really question that it’s fast though. It ran a ten second mile the first time it went down the drag strip. On a test run. What a monster. See this car in action below.

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