Lexus Shows Off RC F GT500 at Tokyo Auto Salon

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Last weekend kicked off the start of racing season in the USA with the 24 Hours of Daytona. Unfortunately for us, Lexus isn’t fielding a car in the USCC. That sucks, because the RC-F looks might fine when dressed up in racing gear.

Toyota will be running this car in the Japanese Super GT series come this April. It’s a race car, so it’s relationship to the real world RC is tenuous at best. Still, it’s pretty exciting to see Toyota replace the SC430 with something a little bit more… Aggressive.
The interesting thing about this season–well, interesting to people who care about racing–is that it’s the first where the Super GT series and Germany’s Touring Car Masters series (aka DTM) will be using the same regulations. They won’t be racing each other directly, but the two series are finally playing by the same rules.
Methinks that Lexus aims to challenge the Germans on at the track as well as in the showroom eventually. Exciting.

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