Lexus Roadside Assistance on the Nürburgring

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As proud Lexus owners, we know the value of owning a Lexus and all the great benefits of the Lexus ownership experience. A valuable feature is the 24 hour roadside assistance service which is available throughout the basic warranty period of 4 years or 50k miles. Luckily for the drivers of a Hyundai Genesis at the Nürburgring, they got a chance to experience Lexus Roadside Assistance.

It’s unusual to run out of gas on a track but it can happen if debris strikes the tank from the underside or a fuel line is unexpectedly cut causing the tank to run dry. In this instance, the drivers of a Hyundai Genesis forgot to top off with petrol and stalled at the Steilstrecke corner located on the northeast end of the Nordschleife. The “E Unit” which consists of a Dodge Ram was on site to pull the Genesis into a safety zone.

By chance, the test drivers of the Lexus RC F happened to be driving by when they saw the stalled Hyundai off to the side. They stopped and checked on the drivers of the Genesis. A few mins later, the Lexus RC F quickly came back with a can of petrol in hand and helped the Hyundai drivers out of the corner. This is camraderie at its finest. Imagine if the Hyundai owner decided to trade in his Genesis and put a deposit in for the upcoming Lexus RC F. Now that would be one remarkable story!


Source: [Paul Tan]

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