Lexus Dealers Kick Off The New IS In Style

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The new 2014 Lexus IS has been arriving all over the country since the start of the month. To help create buzz around the new IS, local Lexus dealers are hosting launch parties to kick off the new IS in style. Since the new IS appeals to a younger digital savvy demographic, social media has been a popular method of invitation for these galas.

I was graciously invited to a Lexus dealership in Santa Monica, CA to check out the new IS. This Lexus dealership had turned their Spanish and Mediterranean like showroom into an evening lounge complete with great music, tasty hors d’oeuvres and an open cocktail bar. Of course the star of the show was the 2014 IS which there were several variations available on the floor. 

Two Lexus LFA’s were present to show guests the features that are implemented on the new IS. A range of IS 250 Luxury packages to fully loaded IS 350 F SPORT models were available in various colors. Some of the IS’ on the floor had aftermarket wheels to show the new car’s modification potential. Complete with bold lines and aggressive styling, it won’t be long before we see modified 3rd Generation IS’ dominating the streets. Be on the lookout for a New IS Launch party at a dealership near you.

 More photos can be found on the Official Club Lexus Facebook Page! >>

Special Thanks goes out to Ben H. at  Lexus of Santa Monica for the invitation.

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