Lexus Needs a Name for their New Orange

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Now’s your chance to participate in a colorful piece of Lexus’ history. By now you’re surely aware of the RC F. The all new coupe is Lexus’ latest attempt to jazz up their lineup. The car is already out racing and doing quite well, but that’s not enough to set it apart from the pack. For that, it’ll need a new coat of paint.

The upside? Lexus knows what color they want the paint to be. The downside? They don’t know what to name it. That’s where you come in.

Lexus solicited their Facebook facebook fans for suggestions. The ones in the lead are actually quite good. “Tangerine Flame,” “Solar Flare,” and “Tatara Blaze” all feel like something you’d expect to read on a Lexus’ spec sheet. Others suggestions like “Spiced Vomit,” “Nuclear Creamsicle” and, my personal favorite, “Auschwitz Amber,” were awful… As predicted.

If you can do better, leave a comment on the Facebook post below.

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