Lexus Gets Top Brand Marks from Consumer Reports

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Lexus’ branding team has been on a tear to establish themselves as an automaker who understands the needs of a younger generation of high-class adrenaline junkies. Frankly, they’ve been killing it with outside the box marketing, and a successfully hyped/delivered launch of  the exciting new RC F.

But within the hooplah of good news, it’s great to see gems like this reminding us that Lexus hasn’t forgotten its roots. Sure, they might be aging, greying roots, forged by the old wrinkly hands of reliability and comfort, but it’s been an important part of Lexus’ MO in the last few decades to establish themselves as legitimate players in the luxury sector.

Consumer Reports has released its 2014 Car Brand Report Cards. Lexus leads the pack with an industry-topping score of 79, this being their second year in a row. The CR report describes that “the bulk of its models are usually quiet, comfortable, and fuel-efficient. Lexus was the only brand to achieve an excellent average overall reliability score.”

Next automakers in line:

  • Acura (75) – reliable, well-finished and somewhat sport models <– Okay, this is hilarious.
  • Audi (74) – Trended upward in the past two years due to improved reliability, taking it from 8th to 3rd <– About time they got their asses together.

Some other bits (no surprise here); Detroit collectively (Dodge, Cadillac, Chevy) finished in the bottom five with surprising news of Nissan dropping five spots due to a reliability issues surrounding a couple redesigns.

The entire consumer report is jam-packed with detailed goodness, to explain the exact state of affairs for each top-ranking automaker in regards to a mixture of reliability, comfort, and overall owners’ experience. Be sure to give it a read through, especially if you’re in the market for a new car.


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