Lexus LC 500 Steals Spotlight on Madison Avenue

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Barneys New York - Lexus

Gorgeous sports car stars in Barneys New York’s ‘Haute Pursuit’ window display that merges high fashion and fast cars.

Iconic high-end department store Barneys New York is renowned for having the latest and greatest offerings from the world of fashion. The company is now looking to branch out and blur the lines between haute couture and hot cars by putting the gorgeous Lexus LC 500 on display in one of its most prominent locations: Barneys New York on NYC’s famous Madison Avenue.

Barneys New York - Lexus

Barneys New York has had a longstanding partnership with Lexus that has led to some great collaborative window displays over the years. But now, Barneys has taken that partnership in exciting new directions with its bold new exhibit. The display features the Japanese automaker’s 471 horsepower LC 500 coupe starring in a multi-window installation at the store’s flagship location on Madison Avenue. Titled “Haute Pursuit,” it features various components of the LC 500 paired with fashionable items like designer shoes and leather briefcases.

One of the four windows, for instance, showcases the LC 500’s beautiful alloy wheels in a polished finish set aside various high-fashion messenger bags. Another window pairs the car’s leather interior with men’s shoes. A third window focuses on the LC 500’s exhaust system, which is matched up with women’s handbags that are sitting on speakers — a nice touch. Lastly, the fourth window has a life-size rendering of the coupe in the background of a display hyping some fine footwear.

Barneys New York - Lexus

The “Haute Pursuit” window installation is currently on display at Barneys’ Madison Avenue through July 16.

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