Return of Lexus Incentives Marks Major Change

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For the first time, it may now be cheaper to lease a Lexus CT than a Prius.

Here is great news for Lexus enthusiasts that is coming directly from the car company. Following a lull, it looks like Lexus has awoken from its industry-standard nap following the incentive-crazed holidays. Now, unique deals are back with a vengeance, and they are creating a couple firsts for the car company.

Lexus’ new incentives offer potential customers between $1,000 and $2,500 cashback through the end of March. And even if a new Lexus owner opts for a lower interest rate over the cash, most rates are currently one percentage point better than last month.

Lexus last offered cash rebates back in August 2016, the first time the automaker had ever done so. It’s standard practice for other brands, like Audi, BMW and Mercedes, which have offered dealer cash incentives for years. However, while Lexus has historically favored one type of incentive over the other, it has considerably widened the scope of its incentives.

The wider reach includes lease deals as well. Lexus has slashed lease prices as much as $50 a month. Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the deals concerns the popular CT 200h. Various incentives have led to, as our pals at Cars Direct point out, this possibly being the first time that leasing a Lexus CT 200h is cheaper than leasing a Toyota Prius.

Lexus has made it loud and clear that, moving forward, the company wants to take the fight to its competition. And we already know whose corner we’re going to be parked in.

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