Leno Laps Fuji In The LFA Spyder!

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Late night talk show host and car buff Jay Leno is no stranger when it comes to super cars and exotics. As a car connoisseur himself, Jay knows a thing or two about super cars and exotics. Earlier this year, Jay along with Patrick Hong of Road & Track Magazine took Black LFA #032 around the streets of Southern California.

Jay had a chance to drive the roads and freeways in the San Fernando Valley and mentioned the LFA could be a car he could drive everyday. He also and had nothing but praise for the sound as he punched the throttle every chance he could. Due to the limited experience he had on the local roads, you could tell he wasn’t as enthusiastic as we would have expected.

Luckily, Jay got a second chance to drive the LFA but this was an experience of a lifetime. Jay and his crew got an exclusive invitation to visit the birthplace of the Lexus LFA, the Motomachi Plant in Japan. During his visit, he had a chance to talk about Toyota’s loom works history and walk through the various stages of the three day LFA build. He also mentions points out a rare Matte Black LFA on the assembly line which was ordered by a Buddhist monk!

To top off his experience, Jay had an exclusive drive experience at the birthplace of the Lexus “F” marque, Fuji Speedway. Instead of giving the keys to any ordinary Lexus LFA, they let him drive a very rare Lexus LFA Spyder. Jay says that this Spyder is the only one in the world and said to be the only one ever to be built. As you can imagine, he had a blast flogging the LFA Spyder on Fuji all to himself. During his first encounter with LFA, you can tell that Jay didn’t have much enthusiasm and said that the car was nice. But after unleashing the LFA at Fuji, “Oh My God!” is exactly what he says enthusiastically. It’s safe to say that Jay has a newfound respect for the Lexus LFA! Now the question is will he finally buy one?
Lexus LFA Spyder – #P003

This Whitest White LFA is a right hand drive prototype which is completely topless. There is no retractable roof or cover. It features the Dark Premium Graphite BBS mesh wheels found only on the LFA Nürburgring Package. It features the signature red & black leather interior with contrast red stitching. The door panels are black Alcantara while the other surfaces are standard leather. This is the first time the LFA Spyder has been featured in an English language publication as this bespoke LFA has only been featured in viral video originating from Japan. 

So what do you think of this one and only Lexus LFA Spyder? Should Lexus build it? Share your thoughts with us!!>>

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