Leaked Lexus NX Picture Shows Compact Crossover Close to Reality

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At the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, Lexus showcased the LF-NX HV and the compact crossover concept received extremely positive feedback from the automotive press. Later that year, at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus again showed off the LF-NX. But this time, the focus was on previewing the brand’s first turbocharged engine. 

All signs pointed to how serious Lexus is about this vehicle–it’s not just another car in their lineup. Until this point, Lexus has always pushed hybrid technology hard. But with the debut of its turbocharged motor, Lexus signaled it’s not going to ignore forced-induction, which is becoming prevalent as manufacturers seek to comply with every-increasing mandates for fuel economy. For fans of high-power cars, this is good news. 
But speculation remained about when the NX would be ready for production, and how different it’d be from the concept. Toyota CEO Jim Lentz might have given us a lot of hope earlier this month during his keynote speech at the SAA Automotive Outlook, when he showed a picture of a NX that looks quite different from the concept vehicle. 
While retaining the overall look of the LF-NX concept, it features a toned-down version of the signature spindle grille, and looks much looks much closer to a production vehicle.
The NX will be an extremely important addition to the Lexus stable. First, being a compact crossover, it’ll allow Lexus to expand its market, while providing the ability to compete in the emerging segment. 
At the same time, the addition of the NX will take some pressure off the market-leading RX.  For years, the RX has been battling competition of every size–and price range. The NX will allow Lexus designers to explore more changes–perhaps in size or seating configuration–to make the RX even more competitive. 
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