Lexus Engineer Talks IS-F, CCS-R, and Lexus Racing

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You may not know it, but Yukihiko Yaguchi is kind of a big deal.

The man was the designer behind the Lexus IS-F and the chief engineer behind the CCS-R (he also developed the first four generations of Supra… So, there’s that). Consequently, that means he’s the one responsible for making sure the engine and transmission of the last generation IS-F was capable of performing in race conditions. Since the RC-F is using the same power plant, you can expect it to be about as reliable as the CCS-R is.

This video has Yukihiko breaking down the ethos behind building the CCS-R and it’s performance on the nurburgring. It’s pretty encouraging to hear him talk about their racing victories alongside drive-ability. That bodes quite well for the RC.

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