If You’ve Always Wanted a Lexus LFA, Now May Be the Time

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Remember a couple of weeks ago when we discussed that LFA selling on Craigslist for less than MSRP? Well, apparently that may be the indication of a trend.

According to AutoBlog: “Listings indicate that the cost for the Japanese supercar is finally starting to drop below the original $375,000 sale price.”

Besides that Craigslist one — a 2012 with 2,797 miles listed for $369,000 — AutoBlog also mentions a White Pearl 2012 LFA with 140 miles that fetched $335,000 back in 2015. And apparently there are a number of examples for sale on AutoTrader, including a black 2012 with nary 2,005 miles selling for just $349,000.

Did I just say “just” while talking about more money than I’ll make in the next five years?

Well, that just goes to show you that the prices for Jeremy Clarkson’s favorite ride are indeed falling. However, I doubt very much they’ll drop down to the $250k mark that AutoBlog dreams up with their very speculative math. Certainly not anytime soon.

Let us know what you think will happen with the LFA market. I know one thing’s for sure though: they will continue to be out of most people’s price range, and will deservedly remain one of the most heralded supercars ever.

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