Get Close Up with Lexus LF-NX Concept

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Lexus debuted their new SUV concept at the Frankfurt motor show a few days ago, but we haven’t really gotten a good look at their new design language. Until now at least.

Up close, the  The LF-NX borrows a lot of the same sharp creases and curves from the IS concept from last year. I’m partial to the side skirts, and wierdly the rear end. i think those vents at the bottom of the bumper look out of place, but the vents make it look like a little like jet exhuasts. I see they’ve taken some influence from the LFA, thankfully.

The rear haunches are the only part of this concept that look kinda awkward and bulgy. I think those creases will be smoothed out by the time it hits production. Even then, when you look at the car from the front, their shape flow nicely enough into the gigantic tail lights.

Of course, they’ve got the typical oversized grill up front. At this point, I’ve kinda come to an understanding that the front end of concept cars are almost always pure fantasy. Besides, Lexus has been pretty consistent with their treatment of grill of late.

I’m willing to bet this little SUV will be very successful for Lexus when they build it. Considering how well the Rav 4 has done for toyota, it’s clear there’s an audience for small suv’s with Toyota levels of reliability/quality. The Lexus faithful will likely love it. The real question is, will it compete with Mercedes GLC. It’ll likely cost less for the same amount, and they’ll probably arrive around the same time frame.
That’s if Lexus decides to build it. If they do, would you buy it? Let us know in the comments!

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