2015 Lexus IS Coupe Rendered

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Since the beginning of the IS line in 2000, enthusiasts have coveted BMW’s 3 Series Coupe for ages. Even Mercedes Benz and Audi have followed suit with a coupe variant of their luxury compact sport sedans. Top Speed has recently rendered a version of what a 2015 IS based coupe could look like.

Since the new IS sport sedan is entering its third generation, enthusiasts have been awaiting a real good looking, fun to drive sport coupe. Because the SC 430 was on it’s way out, Lexus needed to fill in a quick void to cover their convertible offering. Instead of offering a 2nd generation IS coupe, they went ahead and offered the IS Convertible instead. We still haven’t understood why Lexus skipped a two door hard top from the start but we hope things will change with likes of the LF-LC and LF-CC coupe concepts.

We know it’s only a matter of time when Lexus will finally release a true two door Lexus coupĂ© to satisfy our needs. We hope this future IS coupe will offer a fuel efficient entry variant, a mid range version and a top line F version. A hybrid version wouldn’t hurt either. 
So far TMC has trademarked “RC F” and “RC 350” for a possible future Lexus model. We’ve envisioned what a power house F coupe could look like. Let’s hope Lexus can follow through and have a real answer for Europe’s finest. 

Could this IS Coupe rendering be glimpse at the future? Would you consider it over the sedan? Chat with us in our forums! >>

Source: [TopSpeed] & [Lexus Australia

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