Heavy Metal Guitarist Loves His Lexus RX

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Motor Trend from time to time features celebrities and the vehicles they drive and it’s always interesting to see what they own. Some say that what you drive is a reflection of your personality, but some say otherwise.  This time they feature heavy metal guitarist Scott Ian of Anthrax and his third Lexus RX.

It’s not common to associate the tough heavy metal look with a Lexus, but this Anthrax guitarist is making it happen. Mr. Ian talks about his love for the Lexus RX and how it has everything he needs in a car. He shares their 2013 RX with his wife in a one car household and will rent a Prius on occasion if needed. He explains that he’s on his third Lexus RX since 2007 and will continue to come back. 

Mr. Scott’s Lexus is an 2013 RX 350 in Obsidian with Sport Appearance Package:


  • 19-inch triple-split-five-spoke alloy wheels with Superchrome finish and 235/55VR19 all-season tires 
  • F SPORT exterior styling including unique front bumper, upper and lower grille inserts

Source: [Motor Trend]
Photo: Lexus

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