2014 Lexus GX 460 in Short Supply on Dealer Lots

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Coming in to give a break from all the sports and race car news (like that’s something anyone wants, right?) is some interesting news about the refreshed GX460.

Story is, buyers are having difficulties in finding 2014 GX460’s on dealer lots across the states, largely due in part to a $4,710 off the sticker price cut of the base GX 460 in August. As Lexus Group vice president Jeff Bracken states:

“The base model wasn’t a large percentage of our total GX sales, it allowed our dealers to market that kind of price point. It certainly has brought in some great traffic. Dealers have done wonderfully with GX. We just can’t build them quick enough.”

Last time, we offered a quick glimpse at Autoblog’s review of the SUV, which found the car to be competent, but more than a little outdated in refinement, especially when compared to other luxury SUV’s in its class. Instead, it stood as a gutsy outlier, with a slightly raised ability to tackle the great outdoors (frame is based on the Toyota 4runner) while swathing its passengers in signature Lexus luxury.

The price cut, combined with a generous facelift to bring the GX up to speed on Lexus’ new spindle-inspired corporate face, has seen sales of the GX average to be about 1,400 sales per month (up from 1,005 last year).

Personally, I think, the GX is definitely a car with road presence. The tall profile, updated LED tail-lights, and now with the spindle grill, it’s probably one of the most aggressively style large SUV’s in its class. Beauty, is subjective, but it definitely makes no apologies in pushing its way through into your attention. For a new generation of Lexus buyers, maybe that’s what they need.

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