Rendering of Possible Lexus IS F Successor?

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Here’s a little gem for IS F fans. Here we have a rendering of a theoretical Lexus IS F successor as published by Japanese auto mag

With my interested piqued in strange ways, I naturally had to hit the little translation button on Chrome. The resulting fragmented translation is both insightful and kind of hilarious (be sure to read below).

Lexus IS-F, to develop a hurry

Or decisions in helping an eye to the trend of rival

While possible to prepare the chitin RC-F, which corresponds to the successor vehicles, Why make the IS-F too late. The biggest reason lies in the number of door and body shape. Use scene is limited RC-F because it is two-door coupe. 

However, for the base, getting on and off of the livability of the occupant only sit in the rear seat can be secured to the four-door sedan IS-F.In other words, he was also aimed at expanding needs while aiming for high performance. 

This would be of aware of the trend of rival car probably. Such as the BMW M3 and Mercedes-Benz C63AMG has lineup sedan as well as coupe. Audi RS4 became the only grade of Avant wagon without a configuration of the sedan. 

That is, even in high-performance model of 10 million yen class lineup of wagon and sedan’s essential. In the above reasons, it seems to have led to the IS-F is also developed on very short notice. That of RC-F, which is preceded developed based on IS is used to power system and drive system. 

Engine will be equipped with the improved version that was pulled up to output 450ps / maximum torque 55.0kg-m a 5L V8 in the current IS-F. In the exterior, similar to the current model, fender also be widened in order to wear a wide tire that matches the high power. It will be a form with the force. ※ It is a prediction article about the announcement of the new car in January 7, 2014. It does not guarantee publication.” 

Now that we’ve gotten the chuckles out of our systems, let’s take a closer look. Carsensor seems to take a confident stance that we’ll be seeing the IS F in production very soon (or perhaps that it already has been in production) despite not forwarding from Lexus in the slightest.

I suppose though, it’s not completely out of the question for them to just as quickly insert the updated 5.0-Liter darling of a V8, with its 450HP output into the body of the recently updated IS.

The question here is whether building an IS F is something Lexus actually wants to do?

Naturally, increasing market supply is desirable, but as we saw with the IS F’s previously slow sales and eventual discontinuation, it might be a better branding move to focus on the RC F, which Lexus has noted on many accounts, as a specialized development car, from the ground up. 

Certainly the BMW M3/M4 twins could always use some more competition, but only time will tell.

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