Classy Black & White GS300h Photoshoot

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A bit of official Lexus car porn for everyone here to keep the week chugging along.

This photo shoot, available on Lexus UK’s Facebook, is composed in a classy monochrome with hops of red show the Lexus GS300h cruising through the streets of late night London.

First impressions are a resounding wow on the shoot itself, but after taking a closer look at the actual subject, the GS does start to look dated and maybe a little more plain Jane (back especially) than the rest of its price class competitors.

Considering the slow sales numbers in 2013’s reported sales numbers, it does make me wonder whether it’s time for a solid refresh of the mid-size luxury sports sedan. As you might remember, the GS was among the first of Lexus’ line to receive the love-it-or-hate-it spindle grill treatment. But with Lexus’ slew of aggressively styled unveilings this past year in the IS and RC variants, it makes me wonder whether the increasingly aggressive creases and folds have conditioned us to consider the GS to look a bit more ho-hum than when it was originally introduced.

The good people at Lexus Enthusiast asked an intersting question: Would bringing the GS450h (with a comparably-calculated base price of $41,000) to the US help to boost sales numbers? It’s a great price, and Lexus claims it can provide up to 60.1 mpg/cycle.

For the US market, I personally think it’d be a stretch. Thoughts?

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