2012 LX Gets Wet In New Advert

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We’ve all seen some variant of this commercial before, where cascades of “rain” water highlight all the car’s notable styling elements. For 2012, the LX has a brand new styling change that deserves attention (hint: It’s the grill) What else to do but pour water all over it in slow motion?

Of course, you don’t get to hear the all aluminum 5.7L V8 and it’s 383 horses. Nor will you be able to see what it looks like handling through a corner or how the interior is arranged. This video is about style, of which the LX has plenty… I guess. 

That said, the new SUV does do something new. It’s sporting the hourglass shaped, spindle grill that Lexus has slapped on their newest cars. Aside from that, it’s business as usual for Lexus’ biggest SUV. It remains spacious, comfortable and as capable as it has always been. Just not terribly thrilling.

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