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Lexus IS250 heating problem

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Default Lexus IS250 heating problem

Hi I am new to the Forums and a new Lexus owner.

I just got a beautiful Lexus IS250 2006, here are some pics:

As much as I love my car there is a slight problem with it. I bought it used from the dealership here in Iceland and as soon as winter hit here I noticed that the heating in the car seems to not be working properly.

I live in a small town so usually when I'm going somewhere I'm taking at least a 20 min drive to downtown Reykjavik so the car has ample time to heat up. It's just a straight road with no stopping lights until you've driven for at least 15 min.

But the car takes at least 20 min just to get the heating to somewhat warm, and up to 30 min until heating is really hot and toasty. The same goes for the heating in the seats.

I've taken the car to the Lexus dealership and they changed the thermostat. That helped somewhat but not enough in my opinion.

Is there anything else that I can have them take a look at ?

I just find this really strange since I have a 99 Toyota that is very warm and toasty after 10 min max and the same went for the previous Accord that I owned. The heat in the seats and the heating were really hot after max 10-15 min.

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The engine is the heater. It heats coolant, which flows to the heater core. So, you will not get heat until the coolant gets hot.

This engine is only 2.5 liters, but it has 6.7 quarts of oil! It takes a while for it to heat up. So, I'm guessing nothing is wrong. 20 minutes sounds about right, depending on the temperature.
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Hi Shui

I find that very strange since I drive a Audi A6 with 3.2l day to day to and it is 50% quicker to heat up

Best regards,

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I drive my car to work everyday. It is a close drive, less than 5 miles (5 mins drive). It heats up after few minutes of driving (before I arrive at the office).

Not sure if you are having an issue though. But 20 mins sounds like a long time to me.

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My car heats take awhile to warm up too, maybe 5-10 minutes once moving but I don't know about 20 minutes that just seems too long
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20min to long... my car takes 5min max... I use the heater every morning since I go to work 6am.... mine is an '11 though not sure if that matters.... anywayz GL fixing the issue
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I think 20 mins is to long but again it depends on the temps. I would say when its about 30F (0C) it takes about 5-10 mins for the heater to really be hot. Did you check the coolant level and also verify that the temperature that the AC/Heat is set to a "warm" temp?
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I'm not sure how to respond to all of you guys without lecturing how heat transfer works... So, I'll just tell you guys to google it.

Notice, the ones who say it takes a short amount of time for their cars to warm up, are in warm climates. duh.

illu, it's not just about engine size, it's the amount of surface area, coolant, and oil that transfers heat away from the engine. The more fluids, the greater the amount of time it takes for the complete system to heat up.
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I live in WA state. It's been in the low 30's every night here recently. It takes AT MOST 10 mins for my car to start spewing out HOT air into the cabin. I usually start with the seat warmer at 3 and then turn it down to 1 after 10 mins. Get's too toasty! Something is definitely wrong if it's taking 20 mins. for your car to warm up.
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Try flushing your cooling system. If you see dirt and/or rust looking particles coming out you may have a backed up system. Your heater hoses need to have maximum flow through so you can get heat faster. Think of it like sucking from a straw. The smaller the straw the less ICEE you get and the harder it is to get some but if you have a big straw you get more ICEE and faster too. Your heater hoses may be clogged....

Now i am new to lexus but not to working on cars, Lexus system should be the same. Check it out...
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check your coolant and thermostat. thermostat stuck open can make your engine take 20 mins to warm up.
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Ummm you live in Iceland....what do you expect??? J/K....I have a 2007 is250 and have about a 10 minute commute. It has been around 15 degrees during my morning commute and by the time I reach my destination I'm getting warm air.

If you are using auto then you should be gettting some warmish air going full blast (if you have temp set for 74) after about 10 min of driving. Btw I don't idle my car need to since it's a modern engine.

Lastly if you are on auto and your fan is blowing air at near full blast...and the air still feels cold....then you have an issue. If the air is blowing warm then you're good to go. Auto mode will basically prevent the car from blowing cold air on you. Try auto mode and see what happens....but you do live in Iceland...just sayin.
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