Lexus Announces Celebrity Acquisition Program

Inspired by the dramatic upsurge in media coverage by the gift of a LFA supercar to socialite Paris Hilton by her current boyfriend Cy Waits, Lexus USA has announced a Celebrity Lexus Acquisition Program referred to internally as CLAP. The program will provide celebrities with new Lexus vehicles, fuel and maintenance for periods from one week to a maximum of nine months.

Our sources in the Lexus public relations department have leaked a draft list of celebrities under consideration for this new program, and we've got the scoop! Each star, public figure or media magnet is being carefully selected to highlight or market a characteristic of a particular Lexus vehicle.


According to the top-secret internal marketing planning memo we saw (recreation below), here are some of the first celebs to possibly get their hands on a CLAP vehicle.

Lexus CLAP program (1).jpg

Lexus also plans to put in place a 24x7 hotline to help reporter's editors fact-check articles about the celebrity Lexus loaners, down to describing the exact color and explaining options in the very cars being driven by the star. Lexus Marketing is reportedly doing this to help prevent misinformation being spread about their vehicles. For example, the USA Today article by Chris Woodyard about Ms. Hilton's LFA said "Just like her, its plastic". As any true Lexus fanatic knows, the LFA body is made of carbon fiber for both improved chassis stiffness and reduced weight (both of which could also apply to Ms. Hilton if he'd had his facts checked).

The only celebrity known to have been contacted about the program thus far has been Mr. Sheen. When reached for confirmation, his agency quickly denied anything about Charlie and the CLAP and hung up the phone, but we think that was just confusion over the purpose of our call.

By: April F.