Breaking News: Lexus LF-Gh Concept Photos Leak

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Moments ago, Lexus Europe gave us a glimpse of the long awaited Lexus LF-Gh concept which will debut at the NY Auto Show in a few weeks.  As you can see in the concept photos, there are a lot of new and very sharp styling cues that take the “L-Finesse” design philosophy to a new level.


We’re hoping to see more photos of this car in the immediate future.
Note the new hourglass shape of the front grill! Could this car be an
interpretation of the next generation Gran Sedan? We’ll have to wait and

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 Images: Lexus Europe

Lexus USA Press Release:

TORRANCE, Calif. (April 5, 2011) Lexus today announced that the LF-Gh hybrid concept will make its world debut at the 2011 New York International Auto Show.

The LF-Gh, which stands for Lexus Future Grand Touring Hybrid, sets out to redefine the premium grand touring sedan. Through this exercise, the definition of L-Finesse, the marque’s design philosophy since 2001, has been refined and evolved to include a bolder, more distinct projection of what a luxury car could become in a modern world. The result is the LF-Gh concept, which conveys original thoughts and ideas that may migrate to future Lexus vehicles on a global scale.

The new concept will be on display in the Lexus exhibit at the New York International Auto Show from April 20 May 1, 2011.

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