Lexus GS Named Top Luxury Car in 2014 Canadian Black Book Retained Value Awards


Recently, the Canadian Black Book recognized the Lexus GS with their Retained Value award for the third time in a row. ALG also awarded the car with a Canadian Residual Value Awards–Lexus’ second win in as many years. Seeing a trend?

I’ve spent a bit of time in the past poking at the GS’s predator face (the one that started it all). I’ve also spent a fair bit of time commenting on the GS’s aging platform, and comparatively plain looks (not the face) to its mid-size luxury peers (A6, 5 series, CTS, etc.), but I have to say the bread and butter L saloon has really grown on me in the past few months. Collectively, parent company Toyota has performed incredibly well across the board with a number of models receiving awards in a number of categories – form the Toyota Tundra to the Lexus RX.

Think of it like a kind of retrospective resurgence of appreciation, maybe because the face doesn’t look quite as crazy as its newer siblings – a little more subtle and classy. In any case – not that any of this matters if you’re a GS driver, because you’re probably using it to haul your life around on a daily basis and you’re most likely quite happy.

Maybe you bought in when Motortrend named it #1 in a luxury mid-size shoot out with its aforementioned rivals. Regardless of what it was, we’ll assume you’re a happy owner.

via [Toyota Canada]


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