Someone Put this GS400 on 26" Wheels


Yep. This is a real thing that exists. Welcome to Memphis.

Over time, I've grown a weird fondness for over-sized wheels on hilariously under-equipped chassis. It's the closest thing to driving the kind of car a 5-year old would draw if you asked him what a car looks like. I imagine car guys in Japan feel a similar way about demon camber.

I mean the wheels are big enough that the GS effectively has a solid foot of ground clearance. Just check it out. Let me know what you you think about the wheels (spinners are so year 2000).

Ken Pmf (Fri, 26 Dec 2014 14:05:00 -0800): yes i think its stupid to put a luxury vehicle on anything bigger than 22s. 24's if u have a LS.. but this is redic.. and just to correct you these are called floaters not spinners.. look up the difference between spinners and floaters