Lexus IS Dumped on HRE 560Cs

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At this point i’m convinced that anything looks good on HRE’s. They’re like magic. It’s not like the last generation of IS was particularly ugly or anything, but these wheels though… Man.

The specs on the front wheels are 19×9.5+12 in the front and 19×10.5 +14 in the rear. With bags equipped, the stance on this car is out of control. Just look at the tuck on that rear tire!

The rest of the mods on this car are covered in detail over on Canibeat. It’s nothing too outageous. VIP’d out everything, of course. Illuminated shift knobs, Junction Produce headrest, vertex steering wheel… It’s luxury. 
Technically, this car doesn’t exist in the way it does in these photos anymore, but it will exist forever… in our hearts. Peep it below.

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