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ak11 04-07-13 08:04 AM

Any good brand Rotors??
I got a 98 LS 400 rotors in my 2GS but its warped again. I tried to get OEM but heard some after market is better. I hate to go to fleabay every year for a set of rotors. Thanks!

MXT4life 04-07-13 06:00 PM

Try looking at Adam's Rotors

mitsuguy 04-07-13 08:57 PM

If you want a reasonable price on an OEM or better quality rotor:

ak11 04-12-13 09:42 PM

cool, the rotor in tirerack looks good.
Does the Adam's Rotors warped easily too??? I searched and didn t find any result.

j three 05-05-13 04:28 AM

I know a few of us 98-00 LS guys have R1 concepts and enjoy them. I got a great deal on all four slotted and drilled rotors and posiquiet pads going direct through them via their eBay store. This is a good combo. My dad and I both have 99 LS's and he has stock rotors and a different brand ceramic pads and loves the way my brakes feel much better than his.

LGSFS2012 05-10-13 07:31 PM

I have heard a few people use EBC rotors and not haven't had any issue's.

neegroy 06-12-13 08:35 AM

bringing it back, i love the DBA brand rotors

adamsrotors 07-18-13 12:29 PM


Originally Posted by MXT4life (Post 7870380)
Try looking at Adam's Rotors



Originally Posted by ak11 (Post 7881122)
cool, the rotor in tirerack looks good.
Does the Adam's Rotors warped easily too??? I searched and didn t find any result.

warping isn't the rotor's's driver caused.
no rotor is warp-proof or guaranteed against it, that's impossible.
it's not an issue of quality or defect either.
we guarantee our rotors...they don't crack.

hot/tracked 1-piece rotors are bound to warp at the slightest of slow speed/stop brake taps without true coast cooling…not stand still.
and that's not to say only track driving causes this. even spirited drives, lead brake-foots, quick on and off highway ramps, buzzing around town, stop & go, etc.

also, pads are a HUGE factor…as is proper bedding.
pad deposits, glazing, cheap pad compound, unset caliper pistons, poor bedding/prep procedures, etc.
these also give that "feeling" of a warped rotor when in fact they are not.

...just things to consider.

we're confident you won't have any issue with our rotors & know you'll love your custom set.
let me know when ready and we'd be happy to get you into a set of AR.

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