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lexuswtf 10-20-11 08:38 PM

VIP Auto Salon Appreciation Thread
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So I recently ordered a few things from our good friends at VIP and was so impressed with the quality of service... i wanted to start a thread in their honor!!!.. so here it goes folks.... lets post up our experiences and pix of our mods... ...

i'll go first!!..

MODS that i got from VIP.... lexon rear diffuser... Apexi Throttle Controller... Ventross CF front lip (not pictured :cry:)


stlgrym3 10-20-11 09:33 PM

i recently purchased a set of 19'' staggered f-sport wheels and tires from them, i'm still on the fence on how to give opinion on the purchase experience. let's see if the issue gets resolved in the coming days. so far the communication with Clark has been great, i'll give them that.

HEWITT 10-21-11 12:06 AM

They are great people to work with and have always been pleased when ordering through them!

ghettoaww 10-21-11 06:23 AM

I personally have had great experiences when dealing with VIP Auto Salon. Clark is the man! For example, 2 years ago I left my car at his shop to have my rims installed. It was during a weekday and he didn't hesitate to loan me his car to get back to work. Also I had jdm visors sitting in my car for a month because I was too lazy to install them. When I come back to his shop to pick up my car, he installed the visors for me. I continue to go to Clark for great prices and service. VIP Auto Salon :thumbup:!

bnizzle87 10-22-11 10:21 AM

VIP Auto Salon has been nothing short of great to me. Clark is very informative and really helpful. He'll drop just about anything to help out a customer, and that's quality service right there. I just met Steven at the Pursuit, and the two of them are really making VIP Auto Salon an even greater name.

PurduePete 04-07-12 07:20 PM

VIP Auto Salon communication problem (not a current CL vendor)
Anyone order from them before? No joke, I paid for JDM visors in Nov11, and still haven't seen them. After 2 emails and 2 PMs, finally received a reply in March that I would get them sometime this month. Just an apology, no explanation.

Someone there had to know. An email to me in December telling me I would get it in April still would have been appreciated.

I have heard of one other person having the same issue here on CL with these guys. Any Chicago CL folks deal with them before?

CaptAwsm 04-16-12 11:25 AM

That is so irritating. I see so many of these car companies that pull the same BS. I feel for you.

PurduePete 04-17-12 06:16 AM

Unbelivably, I still have not received them!

QCisf 05-09-12 05:02 PM

VIP Auto Salon communication problem
Hi all,

I have ordered some brakes and a JoeZ intake for my F a month ago at VIP Auto Salon. The same day, they sent me an email telling me that they will provide me a tracking number since the order was shipped out. I NEVER receive an answer back from them since 1 month and even though I wrote them plenty of messages.

I want to know if you guys have some information about that compagny in regard of shipping or communication problems. I know that this site is not a scam but they don't answer me!!



RichieISF 05-09-12 05:16 PM

Happened to me also bud...

Ordered a Fuel Controller.. waited almost 8 weeks for it , (i sent email to them asking for updates almost every week.) there website said they had it in stock .?

then when i did get the item , the instructions were in Japanese, when i emailed them to ask how to fit it ( they had one fitted to a promo car) or if they could source the instructions in English , I'm still waiting for a reply...
Plus i sent them a email and a PM on here requesting some info on the Icode FFM, again still waiting for a reply.

You will get your item, no doubt bout it .. it may take a while, but you will def get your item...
I personally found there stock range excellent... its just a shame the customer service side is ****..

Apexsports 05-09-12 05:19 PM

I hear ya...I ordered a number of items from them, left them messages, (as they never seem to answer their phone) and have never received a single call or email back.

Def. not very impressed with their customer all. This will be my last order with them unless in the future they are the only company to carry the item I want.

zapa 05-09-12 05:30 PM

Thats weird because VIP has been pretty good for me. They have always kept me in the loop and seem to get things out on time.

QCisf 05-09-12 05:35 PM

Thanks guys, at least, now I know that im not the only one who have encounter this problem.
On another note, do you know if Carson Tuned have a good customer service and resepctable shipping time??

Murph145 05-09-12 06:07 PM

Yup not impressed either.... Wanted to order a toms cf aero kit asked if its in stock they responded diffuser isn't so I responded asking how long they didn't respond then I emailed again with no response.... Interesting way to do business I mean I was only looking to drop $3300+ I'll find the parts else wear.

laobo979 05-09-12 06:09 PM

Carson Tuned is good customer service. You can actual call and talk to Carlos i think that his name that does the online/ Vendor on hear. But as for the joe z intake it take awhile to get until Joe himself make the batch to ship out. VIP auto doesnt even reply to people on facebook but they post stuff up.

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