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SC- 1st Gen (1992-2000)

How rare are sc300 in your state

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There are lots of SC's out there, most are beat on bad though with people asking too much $. Even the 2000 model is 17 years old now(which they didn't make much of), and the 92's are 25 years old now so the condition is expected imo. I see Ferrari's more often than SC's.
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Originally Posted by 97-SC300 View Post
I like your list of cars in your signature. Very fine automobiles. All of them.
Thanks... All gems.... We are indeed lucky.... Want to add an LC500 next summer but wife is not on board.... May have to wait a while.... (wear her down....)
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Originally Posted by 97-SC300 View Post
Either they are old, stock, beat up and neglected, or riced out.
Couldnt agree more. Locally here in Pittsburgh I have only a seen a few....most SC's that I see are trashed.

Although there is an old man here in Pittsburgh that I have met and he has a mint 95 SC300 5spd it is in that light teal/blue color with really low mileage. It literally looks like it came off the showroom floor
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I believe the reason you don't see many SC's around in certain areas is because it's not your typical daily driver type of car. Compared to a civic, Corolla or beat up pick up truck. Majority of sc owners are either enthusiast or original owners. At their time they were very expensive cars so not everybody could of afford them. And now they are more affordable but they become money pits and people stay away from them. I'm from Miami Florida and there are pleeenty down here. I'm second owner of a 97 Rennessance red on tan. Original owner was an older lady that took pretty good care of it. I'm a truck driver so I see a lot of SC you n other states. Depends were you live I guess.
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Originally Posted by tritron View Post
When I got mine sc300 10 years ago, everyone was saying on this forum that the cars will get valuable when they get 20+ years old. I see them going for cheap now. There are few sc300 in Colorado I saw 5 posted on craigslist in last few months and I saw couple being driven around. It would be nice to extract numbers of sc300/400 registered around the country in each state. How ofthe you see sc300/400 driving around how rare it is?
Rarity is fairly irrelevant when they are thrashed. Think about the denomination buying the SC's. Just penny pinching commuters looking to quickly procure a "cheap reliable japanese car, ignorant about the typical SC imperfections. Car goes to crap, then they unload it for cheap.

Thats when individuals like myself hop in, buy it off them, bring it back from oblivion to life, then sell to an enthusiast.
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I live in the middle of nowhere NC, yet i've identified like 3 distinct other sc's that pass/live around the area every now and then. One of them is well-worn, antenna is stuck in the up position, seats have those dumb walmart seat covers most likely due to rips, paint has seen better days, wheels caked in dust, headlights cloudy and yellow. Rest appear to be average condition.
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I occasionally see a few SCs around OKC, but the ones I see are pretty beat to hell. There's one or two well-kept ones around town, but they are rarely ever seen.

My 95 SC300 is in decent shape with only 105k miles, but has some slight cosmetic blemishes.Some small scratches on the exterior with a couple paint chips on the hood, some worn and cracked leather on the front seats and old window tinting that needs to be replaced.
Mechanically, it's in excellent shape with no warning lights or anything (The last issue was the OD/OFF flashing, but I fixed that by replacing the speed sensor).
I was lucky enough to get one of the 95s with the factory Baltic Blue (#752) paint color and I haven't seen ANY others in the same color around here. Eventually I'd like to get it repainted (the same color) but it's not a high priority on the to-do list.

At the last shop I went to all the mechanics were fawning over it, which made me chuckle.

People love these cars, but they are just rare in the wild.
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I'm in the Greeley CO area, an hour north of Denver. I actually bought my 1992 SC300, 5-6 years ago by "accident". I had gone to Denver to buy a Bonneville, when the dealer wanted to show me the car that he had been driving. Took me out back and showed me a deep red with grey interior car with 54,000 miles. I bought it for $6000. After I gave him the cash and we signed the deal, he handed me the title. I was mad at myself for not asking to see the title before the deal, as the mileage posted was "0". In Colorado, if a car is rebuilt from being totaled out, the title is supposed to have an "S" on it and my title doesn't. I'm a man of my word and kicked myself for not doing my homework, but did get the car at a fair price, I felt.

Fortunately, the body doesn't appear to be straightened anywhere and the tires wear evenly. The steering and tracking is impeckable, even now with 114K miles. But, I do see a slight different shade of color on the read of the car only. Figured it got rear-ended and repaired. There is a SC400 with hold emblems around town, but looks a little rough. Other than it, they are very rare here.

After these 5-6 years of literally no breakdowns and finding this site, I'm loving this car, more and more each day. Now, I'm in the process of fixing everything on it and will get it repainted this spring. I leaked more oil than it burned and had that taken care of last week. Lucked out not being the main seal, but valve cover and distributor. I replaced the struts myself, but still have some squeaks, going through dips. Next will be the upper control arms.

Im 60 years old and fun to have such a nice driving car, that gets 25 mpg and costs only $45 per month to insure. My chrome wheels are flaking and gonna swap them out with the silver painted version. Might try to get them rechromed someday. Crazy how this car had a sticker price of $45,000 back in '92!

i know I should stay stock, when I repaint, but there is a new dark red metallic that is on the 2017 Lexus, that's caught my eye. I'm not worried about resale, as I doubt if I'll ever sell. Any thoughts/suggestions?
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I live in florida and there are a few SCs in my area and most of them are actually in good shape. I saw a few drive by in very good condition. all 97+ and then there were a few that were neglected. faded paint, dirty, torn seats. etc. I wouldnt say they are common. In the 6 years ive owned an SC ive only noticed maybe 10 or 15 of them.
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For as long as I can remember, seeing a 1st Gen SC in my area (Washington, D.C. Metropolitan) can be a fairly rare site. Perhaps quarterly at best, I'll see an unmodified stock 300 or 400.

It's even more of a rarity seeing a modified and tastefully done one, at that. I'd say I saw one once the whole year of 2016 and there are plenty of Lexus's in the area.

I think people might just be tucking them
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MD, I have seen 3 sc cept mine
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Unfortunately, I see more and more beat up and driven by ghetto people in my area.

There are a few out there in decent shape that I see, but they are usually parked somewhere for extended periods. I see one in my parking garage that hasn't moved for months. I think the owner has a winter home somewhere, because the car cover always goes on both of his cars sometime after September.

I would love to pick one up again someday, but it seems like they are becoming more and more harder to find in good shape. I keep hoping that someday my old Garnet Pearl will pop up in the ClubLexus classifieds in the same condition that I sold it in.
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I don't see many maybe 5-6 since I bought mine 2 months ago
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Default Rare and getting rarer NC

In December I drove my SC300 to Orlando FL and then back to NC. On the drive back in northern FL I was passed by a gentleman in a Lexus LS400. As he passed he stuck his arm out the sun roof and gave me a thumbs up! Of course I returned the gesture. Made me feel good to have the car recognized as a survivor by another enthusiast.

Since my return I have seen only one SC in the Raleigh NC area. I know there are more here but they must not be being driven as frequently lately. Maybe I'll see more this summer.
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I was at the Masters probably 6 or seven years ago and wandered past the member's small parking lot that is located up close to the clubhouse. I assume those parking spots come with some credentials. Anyway out of the 9 or 10 cars parked in that lot, six were first generation SC's.
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