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Has your RX 300 surpassed 200k miles??

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Default Has your RX 300 surpassed 200k miles??

How may of you have more than 200K on your RX 300???..original engine?
original transmisssion?

What year is it??

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almost there, 183+K 2001 AWD.
all original except one O2 sensor and windshield washer pump, four cross terrain, + oils, filters, wipers & bulbs.
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105K miles with an '01 AWD here. She's been nothing but the most reliable vehicle my family has owned, I changed out most of the OE fluids with brand name synthetics and she still runs like new.
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2002 at 113,200+ miles now. At my going rate, I may reach 200,000 miles in about 3 years. All original parts.
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146k miles, one transmission, one drivers door lock, one antenna,but a great car other than the tranny, Running all synthetics except for the tranny, would like to switch to AMSOIL. Wife says run it into the ground before it gets replaced. Mods, put in the Aux input for my MP3 player, and an extra cigarette lighter outlet for the cell phone and Garmin. Running Akebono pads and Brembo brake disks, and KYB front shocks.
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Still not there .. currently around 128K.

Failed parts: 1 Starter, 2 tail light bulbs, exhaust flex coupling. Rollers (had turned blue and replaced with T belt service), bent antenna mast, 2twice blown "D" light in instrument cluster.

Plastic bezel around screen, faded due to touching. (replaced)
Door black trim (next to glass) fading due to sun exposure.
Accessibility of the oil filter.

Normal wear:
Battery, tires, brake pads, belts
Engine oil (on synthetic since 15k) 3.5k ~ 4k replacement interval
Trans Fluid (Toyota Type IV) 30k drain and fill.
[Have occasionally used trailer to haul tiles, stones etc]

Only two times, the RX behaved in a manner which concerned me. Both times it did not move as fast as I expected ... both times, it was in early warm up period ... just as it was reaching normal operating temperatures.... I suspect the sensors were adjusting the engine while I was gunning it.

It is not the most thrilling vehicle (among the ones we own), but it is my most preferred.

Major Issue: There are too many RX's on the road.

[not bad for something the manufacturer warranted for 60K miles] ... expectations are a major factor when we evaluate things.

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Mine is no where near that yet, but I just broke 70K And so far still running strong. "Knocks on wood"
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Just turned 166,000 and other than routine maintenance and a new tranny at 120,000, all is great. Just purchased the car two weeks ago and have the shop reports. One new strut, thermostat, battery and exhaust gasket.

Update: Gas mileage dropping since purchasing vehicle two weeks ago. I think I'm droping 150.00 for a new O2 sensor.

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1999 RX300 at 114,000 miles and running great. My wife's baby since day one. Maintenance per schedule and the usual wear items. MAF sensor replaced, drivers side seat bottom replaced under warranty b/c the leather cracked and the passenger side seat bottom replaced b/c the heated seat burnt through the leather and my jeans, ouch!
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Default 1999 Rx300

I only have 128,000 miles on my '99. I have never kept a car or truck long enough to put this many miles on it except this one. All scheduled maintainence performed. Had to replace the compressor, expansion valve, and dryer on the air conditioner at 55,000 miles. It was not covered under warranty. Only vehicle I have ever had this problem with. Replaced starter at 88,000 miles. Only had this happen on one other vehicle and it was a Toyota 4Runner. Right now, the radio antenna motor is shot; the right rear window switch located on the driver's arm rest is bad. Also, the right rear electric door switch doesn't work. Otherwise it has been a good vehicle. I do not anticipate replacing it anytime soon though. I have found out the belts, hoses, and brake pads last longer than on any other vehicle I have ever owned.
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87K here thought mine was quite high but not there yet xDD
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My 2002 RX300 Coach Edition currently has about 94,000 miles on it and so far the car has been fairly reliable, has never left me stranded. The car has been fully taken care of by Lexus. All oil changes to major service has been done at Lexus. Here are the things that have gone wrong with the car so far:

- Power Steering Pump failed @ around 80,000 miles
- Antenna Mast/Motor Replaced @ 60,000 miles
- New tires @ 91,000 (2nd pair)
- New Batter @ 90,000 miles

And that's it, no transmission problems at all. I take the car to Lexus for the Transmission Fluid Replacement every 30k miles. I recently had the 90k service done. That is when I changed the battery, timing belt, water pump, all fluids replaced, as well as the tires. It did cost me about $2,000, but it's well worth it. I believe the car can easily surpass 200k miles.

Might need new struts soon though, ride is getting quite bouncy...
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Owned two RXs:
1. 1999: Bought at 96K, sold at 160K--replaced the battery and rear hatch door latch.
2. 2000: current car: just bought 3 days ago at 92K. The rear main seal and belts needed to be replaced.
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Default 2000 RX300 - 237,000 miles

I just bought my 2000 RX300 two weeks ago (26 Mar 2012). To my knowledge (and according to the CARFAX and Lexus Service Website), everything is still original (i.e., engine, tranny, drive-train, etc.). No real noises or bad smells/leaks coming from the engine compartment or transmission.

I replaced the air/fuel sensor near the firewall (throwing code p1130 - used the instructions from this board), the battery and the antenna mast. I am looking to do an antenna mod because the motorized antennas NEVER pull in a decent signal here (I have had several from different mfg's). If any of you have done a mod to the motorized antenna, I would be interested in talking with you.

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Original owner 1999 AWD RX300. Just passed 200K last week. Original engine, second transmission.
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