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Transmission Fluid Change, How often?

Old 08-30-02, 09:13 PM
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Default Conservatism.

I generally check my brake pads every so often, but especialloy if I'm planning a long trip, and try to change them out before I discover via a squealing noise or an indicator that now I MUST. I can change them out at home in my own garage at my leasure.

Not so if I make that discovery on the road.

Same goes for the timing belt.

I don't do timing belts myself, but I do like to have the option of picking the time and place.

Engine oil is specifically formulated to maintain particulates in suspension so they will be drained away at oil change time if not large enough to be caught up in the filter.

Transmission fluid, on the other hand, is specifically formulated NOT to hold particulates in suspension, that why you never see "dirty" transmission fluid.

I have absolutely no doubt that the clear majority of owners can go 100k miles or even far in excess of, without bothering to change out transmission fluid, and certainly without bothering with diff'l fluid/grease.

And yes, there are those that will continually abuse the transmission, dragging, towing, etc, and for those I most heartily recommend checking the fluid color and odor fairly often.
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Default hmmmmm

when i got my SC4 is had 155k, and had the OG timming belt, and it was cracking and due for replacement.

as for the Trans fluid, when you drain and refill it your only draining 2 qts, 6 qts remain in the transmisson, thats the differnce between draining and flushing.

so if you drain and fill avery X amount of miles in the long run you will end up changing all of ot, lil by lil (thoery)

PS AT flud for our cars is $23 a gallon, 2 gallons flushes our transmission.
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While we're on the subject of tranny fluid, I just ordered a new transmission gasket for the pan before I checked my shop manual. It appears that the SC300 Auto-trans uses a bead of sealant (TriBond?) instead of a gasket for the pan. Has anyone used a gasket? I would think that the tube stuff would be hard to clean. Do they make a gasket for that transmission?
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Okay, I just saw/read the tutorial on the trans flush. So after reading other threads I see I can drain and refill, multiple times to completely clean out the trains fluid back to it's original color (Toyota red). Does that sound correct?

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Changed mine 2 weeks ago.. I'm glad I did. I purchased the car about 2-3 months ago. Previous owner gave me all the reciepts. One of the reciepts says "Owner declined transmission and differential". I thought it was easy enough so i did myself.... The tranny oil was pretty bad when I drained it but now she has a fresh one in there. I'll probably do it again when I do my oil change.
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#1 priority is basic maintainace of any vehicle that will definitely prolong any car it doesn't matter who made it are the fluids. I drain my coolant twice a year for the summer and for the winter. Brake fluid is not clear change. Oil change constantly every 3 months if u drive more then make the judgement. Power steering I just vacuum it out of the reservoir if I see it dark also. AC flush is critical to keep the fresh flow of cold air inside. Tranny is one of the most expensive part u can break. Drain it twice a year to keep it red. 2-3 bottle only to save u $3,000 bucks.

The ratio of the actual cost of parts vs fluid is so far apart I can't believe u guys are squeezing that penny out of this inside a LEXUS forum. If your blood is clean, trust me you will feel like a million bucks!

Here is my thing, if i'm bored or my wife pissed me off and I have extra money here and there. I drain what ever I can drain in the car because its so easy to change. If u guys have this habit, u will not even go through seafoaming,flusing, etc... all these mickey mouse stuff are your fault in the first place. Go to the doctor only when your sick attitude will make u suffer. I had 403,000 mile on my 91 LS400, 152K on my SC400 current car, and 266K on my 91SI honda. They all ride like they are brand new. Never ever in my entire life driving since 1989 I ever called a tow truck.
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I just finished my drain and flush a few minutes ago, and I'm glad I did. Ah! the piece of mind. The fluid was brown. I was bothering me knowing that the fluid hadn't even been drained since I owned it. I will do another drain and flush in a few more weeks.
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