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rate your dealer

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Service: 4 stars
Parts: 2 stars
Recommend: For service, absolutely.

Outstanding service advisors & a great head technician. Parts are expensive & they have been relatively "uninterested" in providing L-Tuned/TRD parts.


Service: 0 stars
Parts: 0 stars
Recommend: No

Customer service advisors that dismiss vehicle complaints & a service manager that believes too many problems fall under normal "wear & tear". Service department would also not install any L-Tuned/TRD parts & would not address issues regarding them when I had them installed elsewhere.

Parts department would not order L-Tuned/TRD parts whatsoever.

Stay clear. :eek:

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Dealership Name, City and State:
Hendrick Lexus
Charlotte, NC

Your rating, 4 stars maximum, half stars OK:
Absolutely 4 stars (They are the best for sure).

Would you recommend this service/parts dept? Yes or No. :
Most Definitely.

Your service advisor/contact. Any specific technicians.
Jason (Service Manager)
Jerry (A real hero)

Comments, positive or negative.:
I never knew a dealership could offer such personal class. I am a do it yourselfer, if you want it done right, do it yourself. Hendrick Lexus is the first time in my life that I feel comfortable having my car worked on by another technician. It's just simply that I feel they treat it as if it was their own car!

Pricing for common service.:
Average, what you'd expect from a dealership.
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Lexus of Greenwich, CT. Gets 0000000000. Nothing!!!!!There just dirtballs looking for rich people so they could suck the life out of there pockets. Bought a 99 RX from them and after I got it they just dropped me. Everything that went wrong with the car was my fault and it wasn't covered in the warranty they said. Bought Waag front and back brushgaurds and they wanted to charge me $2,200.00, that's crazy!!!!!!! I ended trading it for a 2001 RX at Westport Lexus in CT.

Now Lexus of Westport gets ***** five stars out of four
I told them what happened at the other place and they made sure that I would NEVER go back to Lexus of Greenwich for another car. Everything that I need they handle with no problem. And I have no complaints. Around here Westport is he place to go...
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Rallye Lexus
Glen Cove NY
Service Contact - Pam
Service ****
Parts - Closed

Went to Rallye for my 1000 mi svc on my 300 es. Very professional people. Had a very tiny rip in my rear leather seats apparently the dealership cut it when removing the plastic (car was obtained from Greenwich ?sp Lexus). Pam said they would take care of it.

Service took about 2 hrs (pretty good since it takes me on average 3.5 hours for an oil change on my other car at Paragon Honda - NYC).

Nice atmosphere comfortable waiting room

I decided to wait but looks like they had plenty of loaners for other people who decided not to wait.

Will try and update after my leather repair.
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Default reliable lexus Springfield MO

4 star salesman Tom Conyers will qote on e-mails They were lowest of 15 L. dealers when I bought mine in '99
3 and 1/2 star service Scott Holeman ( doesn't get 4 because of Salesman
Typical overpriced parts dept dominated by the Toyota side of the store
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I'd def. agree with additude on Hendrick Lexus for service. My GF prefers to take her NSX there over the Acura dealer in town for non-specific service (like inspections, etc).

I've worked with both Jason and Clay, both top notch. Excellent with availability of Lexus loaners, even on Saturday.

The only issue I've had has been on a couple of recurring problems they can't seem to fix (like a rattle in the sunroof cover).

Overall, four stars.
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Sterling Mc-call Lexus on 59S in Houston.

Overall 1*

Took my earlier 92 LS400 in for estimate for AC not working right. They said it was the compressor leaking freon. The service manager treated me like ****. Since i did not believe them, i went to pick the car back up. The right front fender had numerous dings in it, like someone took a screwdriver and started poking it, mileage was also 77 more than when i left the car.
I was pissed, made a fuss to no avail.
I took the car to another garage, they replaced the evaporator core, compressor was fine. Car AC worked fine for the next 3 years before i sold it.
Yet to take my 98 in for anything, but i know its NOT going to sterling mc-call!!!!!
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Bredemann Lexus in Glenview
2000 N. Waukegan Glenview, IL 60025

Rating *

Recommend: TBD

See posts in 430/400/300 forum under "GS300 shifting problems." I'm less than thrilled with my wife or myself being treated like we have some hidden motive for busting their chops about this problem just because is doesn't produce any "error codes" or can't be duplicated on demand. If we hear that's just the way it is one more time,,,,GRRRR!!!!! Escalating this concern to the 800# has produced the same result, nothing!!

Techs and manager have always been courteous but it seems they feel we should just get used to this anomaly.

Service costs: More than the car has depreciated in the year we have owned it in our personnel time, aggravation and embarrassment.
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Glendale Lexus, Glendale CA.

4 stars

Definately recommend the Service Department!

Advisors: Scott or Ron

I recently bought a 92 sc 300 (negotiated the crap out of two salesguys and their manager), and deceided to have the 60K service done at the same Dealership to establish a rapport with them. The Service Department was recommended by a relative who has been leasing ESs' and GSs' and always gets treated right. The car was done when promised and they replaced a lot of stuff N/C, that I thought would have been chargable (both fuel lines @ the filter, they were partially seized and a noisy heater control valve) and they took off $100 from the final bill. The Service Department is small & Longo is closer to where I live, but the personalized and individual service is well worth the drive! These guys have treated me like I've owned the car from day one.

Had the 60K service done ($799), replaced coolant, replaced fan belt,cleaned EGR passages and T/body ($270)
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Magnussen Lexus, Fremont CA

Service ****
Parts (unknown)

Brought my 98 in several times for minor issues and aggravations, including possible TSBs. Service was outstanding, polite, prompt. Have consistently been able to make appointments for service within 1-2 days of calling. They provided a Lexus loaner for all work, even that not covered by warranty. Several people I know live in the south bay area and drive up to Fremont for the service.


Stevens Creek Lexus

Service (0)
Parts (unknown)

I purchased my (pre-owned) 98 here with the extended warranty. Service backlog is 4-6 weeks, minimum. They have limited Lexus loaners and strictly enforce the loaner for warranty coverage only policy. While generally polite, they act like they are doing you a favor.

The car was not checked out very well, had a problems with the lights, doorlocks and one of the keys not being programmed. Had to bring the car in again and again and again and again, each time they screwed something up or did not have the part or they had the wrong part. I will never go back. And to top it off, I was car shopping with a friend a few months back and stopped by the lot. EVERY car had massive swirl marks glistening in the noonday sun!

Actually, the only reason I purchased the car here is that this Lexus dealership is directly across the street from the Audi dealership where I had ordered an S4. Decided to move to a GS4 for the added space.
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Hey Guys,

Just thought I'd pipe in for DC.

Pohanka Lexus

The people are great, I usually deal with Kevin and have started dealing with Charles as well. My car is always clean, I've never had a problem in having a Lexus loaner either. I just had my 30k service done.... $475. I asked what was involved and they replied it was for flushing all the fluids except the power steering. Seemed a bit high, especially as compared to what others seemed to have paid. Never had to deal with them on parts, so can't really comment on that.

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Dealer: Lexus Of Orland Park, Illinois
Rating: 2 Stars
Recommend: No
Service Advisor: Don't Care
Comments: They always quote me more for service then any of the other dealerships. They ordered the wrong color floor mats and the salesmen there are rude and obnoxious. One was looking down the blouse of the receptionist right in front of me and then looked at me and smiled. I guess he was looking for some sort of positive acknowledgment from me....puh-leaze. I don't swing that way.


Dealer: McGrath Lexus, Chicago, Illinois
Rating: 4 Stars
Recommend: Yes
Service Advisor: Don't remember
Comments: A really busy and HUGE place. They are very respectful and courteous. Waiting area is nice with a HUGE kids area. The accesories shop ain't no joke. Very responsive to my problems. I love that place.

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Stevens Creek Lexus
San Jose, CA

Sales: 1.5 stars out of 4 **
Sales guys arent very friendly unless you're ready to buy that day. I'm a mid 20's guy , walked in in jeans and had to wait over 30 minutes to test drive an IS300. Sales manager was *very reluctant to give a quote over the phone .. like most other dealers in the area... unless I gave him another quote first.

Service: 2 stars out of 4 **
Service desk guys are somewhat informative and helpful. But like redgs4 stated earlier .. it is common for them to say no appointment is available for 4-6 weeks with little chance of getting a loaner car.
Took a GS400 in for a Safety Inspection (approx $100) and asked if they could squeeze it in in their down time in the next two days ... they said no problem. But after reading the earlier posts ... I almost question the thoroughness of the inspection. thank goodness LExus makes a quality vehicle in the first place. In either case .. I decided to purchase the GS400 from a private party.
Quote for an oil change: $39

Magnussen Lexus
Freemont, CA

Service : 3.25 stars out of 4
Everyone is very friendly on the phone, and just as helpful at the dealership in person. I had a simple request .. oil change, steering column motor noise reduction, and vibration possibly related to a TSB. Oil Change was completed for $49 + tax with complimentary car wash. Service consultant (Summer was her name) went out to look at the car ... and recommended the 45K mile service at approx $325 and 4 new tires. I politely turned both down offers.

Received a phone call later to tell me that they had 2 electric motors in stock and would replace mine for free. I become ecstatic at the thought of a dealer with this level of service. However upon receiving the car, I am not sure what sort of service was done to the motor. Two different notes are on the service record... one for a Tilt Steering Gear Assembly R&R (repair and replace?) with a part number and the second which is a note that states there was only a lack of lubrication .. and that the remedy was to lubricate the motor and adjust the preload.
Either case .. steering column makes less noise than before .. but there is still a noise...

Vibration .. they recommmended a 4 wheel alignment ... rotate and balance etc... I passed on having that done at the dealer ... but I am afraid that if it is TSB related.. by the time I take it in next ... I will have exceeded Basic Warranty time/mileage constraints. But explanation is totally reasonable. No sense in fixing something that might not be broken. But I still feel the vibration... or maybe i'm too sensitive...

Oh, and they provided a loaner car when I asked to borrow one to run some errands in what was supposed to be a 1-2 hr job. They requested to hold it over night ... I had no problems with that...

Overall good service, a little more expensive than the San Jose dealer, and they definately try to up-sell here. Or maybe they are really that concerned. =P
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As for one of the earlier posters comments about age related "discrimination" or original owner vs. second. It's hit or miss at different dealerships.

When you roll into a dealership in a nicer vehicle or a lexus already, I think the service or sales people will give you more of the "time of day". However, you should ask .. shouldnt they treat all customers .. current and potential ... like there best customer?

This is speaking as a former Territory Sales Manager. Don't judge a book by it's cover. Just because someone is younger and may pull up in an older vehicle .. don't dismiss them like they don't have the means to purchase a car ...

I've walked into a few dealerships ready to purchase a car, but have been turned off by bad "sales or service" staff. Thats enough to make me reconsider who I choose to give a commission.

My experience with Sterling McCall Lexus in Houston , TX was pleasant .... I was looking at the ES's in late '99 early '00. Friendly sales staff ... helpful.

Stevens Creek of San jose .. see above.
Magnessun Lexus of San Jose .. see above

Monterrey Peninsula Lexus ...
Very helpful over the phone .. will play phone tag back and forth to haggle .. I was very straight forward with my requirements .. what i was looking for ... and how much i was willing to pay .. and after coming down to final numbers on both sides .. agreed not to do business at that time.
However.. I must say their sales staff handled things in a professional manner.
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Jim Falk Lexus
Beverly Hills, CA

2 out of 5 stars
Advisor looked at me like I was from another planet about, when I should change out the timing belt and what else to be done. They did not offer me a courtesy car when I asked. Found out later that they were available. Also, found out that the water pump, spark plugs, spark plug wires, drive belt, distributor cap and rotor should be changed and my mechanic now asked. Didn't the advisor recommend these items? No, he didn't even, when I asked. Well, at least the belt was put on right. Never brought back there again.

Parts Dept.-Don't Know

South Bay Lexus
Torrance, CA

1 out of 5 stars
They think they're customers don't know anything and try to charge a lot and go from there it seems. Advisor says that the mech should change out 1 tire due to excessive wear and rotated then, comes back and says the mech diagnosed wrong and says that 3 tires need to be changed out. Told him to just rotate it and I'll go elsewhere.

Parts Dept. - They kind of do the same thing with the parts dept but, they manipulate by time. Promising a part next day and then telling you that it may or may not come in at all. Then, I called a couple of Toyota dealerships and just ordered thru them. It's bad enough to pay a premium but, promising when is ridiculous.

Don't like the prices or service so, now I do most of my service and what I cannot do. I send off to a independent service guy that I trust and knows what he is doing. That's okay if, I don't get the free car wash or free bottles of water. I can pass on that.

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