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dianne 04-05-17 06:23 PM

Non responsive Hood lock release lever
I have a Lexus GX470 with a dead battery. I can not get the hood open as the release lever is clearly not operating. Any ideas on how to open the hood?

2KHarrier 04-05-17 08:28 PM

It may be that the hood release latch is stuck. Have someone pull up on the hood while you hold the release in the open position.

Also, you have posted in the LS430 section and may get more responses by posting same question in the GX470 section.

And, welcome to the club Dianne !!

StanVanDam 04-08-17 06:05 PM

It is likely your hood latch cable is rusted and needs replacement.

What I did was unhook the cable from the pulling latch inside the car, then used pliers/vice to pull the %[email protected] out of the cable from the inside. This will only work 1-10 times before you stretch the cable / ruin it permanently, so buy your new hood cable before trying this.

As soon as you get the hood open, disassemble and lube the hood latch (I used spray white lithium grease) and remove the security cover that covers the cable. Then try to get some cable hanging loose and outwards such that if you accidentally close the hood or want to test your installation of the new cable, you can get extra-long pliers through the grille to pull the cable manually.

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