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jscoda 08-02-14 07:15 PM

96 alternator wiring harness plug
I changed the alternator in my 96 due to a power steering fluid leak. When removing the alternator the "clip" on the the end of the wiring harness that snaps into place, cracked and broke into pieces.

It must have been brittle.

Now I need the "plug" replaced. Does anyone know the name of the part and if its replaceable? Dang sure don't need a new wiring harness. Just the end piece that snaps in place on the alternator. Where can I find it?

Jeff in Canton, GA

Caniac14 08-02-14 09:48 PM

My clip broke too when I was replacing mine. I'm not sure how bad yours is broke, but all of my oval was still fine, so it still fit snugly into the connector. It was still hard to even press in. If you still have all of your oval you should be fine. Drove over 4k miles on it so far with no issues. Just changed my oil and checked it while I was under there, was still snugly in place :)

billydpowe 08-03-14 06:31 AM

you can get one from any alternator shop, or a junk yard...

jscoda 08-06-14 01:46 PM

Found the solution. Called alternator rebuild help. Checked with parts guy at the local help. Asked a friend and he said go to "Pull-A-Part". Sure enough my local Pull-a-part listed a 96 on their inventory. Found the car and pulled the plug....wrong plug. This one is round and mine is more oblong. So I decided to check all 75 Toyota and 3 Lexus listed as being there. Discovered all the atlernator plugs are either oblong like mine or round like the one I found on the Lexus.......

The oblong plug I cut off for my Lexus came from a Camry. Perfect fit. Less than $2.00:woohoo:

Caniac14 08-06-14 05:24 PM

Nice find :D

sha4000 08-06-14 07:38 PM

Good way to problem solve.

billydpowe 08-07-14 03:40 AM

that is what I call a "junk yard"

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