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Am I the Only One...

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I really like the gauges in the F Sport, they look amazing, plus the moving ring is a very nice touch. However, I could take it or leave it.
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Originally Posted by MILKEE View Post
As my daughter in law said when she first sat in our F-Sport, "This is like sitting in a space ship!" I agree! The LFA gauges rock. My only wish is the 80+ MPH indicator was an amber ring like those on the 2IS vice the yellow bars. The amber ring got my attention, the yellow bar doesn't. I know, first world problem!
the space-ship reason is kinda why i prefer the traditional gauges over the lfa-inspired ones, albeit the preference is only slight as mentioned prior.

i also think that with the luxury package, the lfa-inspired gauges just don't quite fit. it also doesn't help that there is an analog clock, which fits nicely with the luxury package coupled by the traditional gauges, although if too many styles are woven in, then all starts to look like a mess and i tried to avoid that.

while neat, i can't help but wonder how the f-sport gauges will fare at the end of the car's lifecycle. they may leave well-aged, or they may leave dated a la 80s automotive digital age.
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I don't own an IS, but I drove an IS250 that was pretty well-optioned as a loaner and I missed the digital speedometer I have with the HUD in my GS. I hate having to take the time to look at a speedometer needle to see how fast I am going.

It looks like the digital speedometer is only available with the LFA-style guages in the IS F Sport, so for that reason alone I would prefer it. That is, of course, unless the more traditional guages come with a package that includes HUD.
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I personally like the LFA style gauge, it was one of the main reason why I got the f sport. It would've been nice to have ventilated and memory seats .
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I do miss the normal speedometer too. I thought I'd be the only one lol
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as nice as the F Sport gauges are, I'd probably get bored of it pretty quickly and worry about it being another electrical component that can go wrong
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The Fsport gauges are very functional in racing conditions. Fast Digital speed, Fast accurate RPM needle, you can set the RPM at which the gauges turn red to notify you when you shift and peak ghost needle.
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Had a 3IS loaner for two weeks and didn't care for the standard gauges at all. They washed out in daylight several times and the needles and numbers do not standout due to the lighter color background. The 2IS setup is much more legible. Can't comment on the F-sport setup, but I've never been a fan of needles that point down, giving a dead look or engine always revving too low appearance.
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Default Like traditional gauges too

Originally Posted by SlangBlade View Post
You are definitely not alone! I think the LFA gauges are cool and all, but I prefer the traditional ones by a large margin. Combine that with ventilated seats and fog lights, and the lux package is a no-brainer for me. I am indifferent on the grill, but I do prefer the f sport wheels.
I thought the LFA gauges look cool but like the traditional gauges better, I know direct sun light can wash out the traditional gauges but that happens very rarely.

Another worry for the LFA gauge is that it is something I worry about working on the long haul on how it moves side to side. Just one thing less to go wrong by getting traditional gauges. But like I said I see why people are attracted to the LFA gauge.
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Default LFA cluster

I like it but to me it is just a gimmick. After having the car for seven months I have moved it maybe three times and that was just to show it to people.
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I like having rpm and speed in one gauge. Alfa used to put the rpm gauge right behind the steering wheel. A drivers thing -- rpms being more important than speed. IS gives best of both.
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Gauges of both type are pretty good. I test drove the F sport and found the ability to move them interesting, but once set, I doubt I'd touch them again. The standard gauges work fine for me.

What I miss is my HUD. I'm really surprised that's not an option on this car.
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I have the traditional guages anyone swapping ?
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