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Surf247 07-29-13 12:11 PM

Meth injection
has anyone successfully installed one without problems?

if so i would gladly buy one

and if you have where did you buy it and how much :thumbup:

vapid2323 07-29-13 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by HKS350 (Post 7563008)
Food for Thought !!

The ISx50 ECU

When injector duty cycle is increased, timing is pulled.

The Toyota ECU also check the rate of rotation VIA cam/crank speed/RPM.

If the ECU see's a large gain in assembly speed it pulls timing.

Example: Normally at WOT the cars running through the RPM's at a normal pace. The timing map falls as the injector duty rises.

OK, so now you have wheels spin (traction off), motor speed rises faster through the RPM's. ECU see's change and moves your timing ACC to another point in the map. This is called 3D mapping.
Now your wheel spin stops mid RPM range and your car now bogg's and feels slower until the next gear change.

Reason: Vehicle speed is reduced, Timing is reduced and now your at a lower map point than design for good/great performance.

So let's look at the layers of mapping on the Stock ECU

Rotation of assembly VIA /CAM/ Crank
A/F ratio
Tranmission speed
Air Flow /MAP
Water temp
Intake Air temp
Throttle POS

I'm leaving out about 3 more that are just to hard to explain without showing.

Now take these various maps and overlay them in a 3D format. (Think joy stick motion) Letting all of them work as one map. If one point changes then the map changes all the other points to keep perfomance SAFE!

Throw Meth injection into the mix. What do you think the ECU will do?
And what is your view of the change it will make? Make a 10% decrease in intake air temp. What happens to the map? Keep in mind the factory tune is already perfect 100%

**My thoughts** The only way to gain performance is to get outside the factory ECU mapping, your performance mod must be a greater gain then what the mapping will allow for.

#1 - Boost
#2- Nitrous

**My point to the rant** Your gain will only be what is already locked inside your ECU. The gain is already there, all your doing is moving the DOT around on the map.


Surf247 07-29-13 02:02 PM

thank you much

Gville350 07-29-13 05:40 PM

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