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sword 04-08-14 08:44 PM

help out a future IS owner
hey fellas. I thought i'd ask you guys cause who else better than to ask than the owners of the cars. Im looking to purchase an IS 250 sometime this year or early next year. To start off, I gotta have an AWD for the winters. I can drve manual, but for a luxury car i think i might do auto. I don't care much for the HP, just reliability, handling and comfort ride. Im the kind of guy who likes to do his own maintenance. I can do semi-heavy project like clutch, engine swaps and stuff if its not too hard. I got a few Q's so i would be grateful if you guys can help me with this. (BTW if theres already a post-to-end all new owners post, i apoligize, cant find it.)

1. How does the car handle as far as the engine. Noise? Vibrations? Maintenace?
2. What are the common problems known about the IS 250, which year model should i stay away from and what not.
3. Up to how many miles should i consider purchasing when looking to buy used. Is there a cut off where the car starts to show significant wear at certain miles?
4. Any pros/cons to Auto vs Manuel? Or it this plain personal preference?
5. My budget it preferably under 20k. Aiming for the 06-09. What do you think? Will it be enough?

Anything you think i should consider, please let me know. Thanks for your help guys.

PIONEER 04-10-14 09:17 PM

I think you are in the wrong section. but here is a start.

1) Massive Brake Dust on front (due to high friction brake pads) TSIB#
Parts: 473301- F DCS BRK Pad
04465-30400 Pad Kit, Disc Brake

2)-Rattle in center of dash, right behind center channel speaker (popping
- Rattle on passengers side of dash, right under inspection sticker
Rattles: Performed TSIB #NV003-06. NV50148 06IS250 and IS350
Parts: 08231-00801 Noise Kit
08231-00810 Wind Noise Kit
Labor: Applied TSIB NV003-06 NV5014 A 2.20. Removed instrument panel and
insulated panel clips, HVAC ducts, and defroster nozzle.

3) Whining noise with IPOD connected to 12V port and vehicle driving:
TSIB AU001-07 (basically a in-line noisefilter)

4) Front driver seat squeek below lower cushion:

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