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GX460 and Land Rover LR4

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Originally Posted by tjp74 View Post
A 110V outlet would have been nice but 12v outlet is in the cargo area so I guess I will just buy a invertor or retrofit one my self. Does new GX come with 110v outlet? I know old one does and it came in handy few times.
Yes, the 2010 GX also has the outlet in the rear cargo area.

Good luck with your LR4. Glad you found something that works for you and your family.
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u forgot powertrain coverage....

lexus 6year/70k
rover 4year/50K
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I loved my discovery until the warranty expired. $850 for an alternator, $750 for a mass air flow sensor, $900 for valley pan gasket replacement.....all in a three month period with a dealership 90 miles away. It spent two extra days in the shop at $75/hr because before they figured out that they hadn't plugged in the mass air flow sensor after it was replaced. Throw in the fact that a salesman had the nerve to tell my wife that if we had driven the disco like it was meant to be driven (through streams, over logs and rocks) instead of as a soccer mom ride, we would not have had any of those problems. I forgot to mention replacing the fuel pump and the starter too....at least those I was able to change out myself.

When it comes to Rover my new motto is "Run Forrest, Run"....away that is.
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Pictures of your LR4 would be great
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I was at my Lexus dealer today, and the Land Rover dealer was just next door. I didn't have the guts to go in though. I know I would love the Rovers, but end up with something I would regret for years to come.
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Originally Posted by tjp74 View Post
If you love your GX, don't need to read this. This is not to bash GX. This is for buyers considering other vehicles in addition to GX.

Ok. I got LR4 last friday. We have 3 Land Rover dealers in our area and none of them can keep the trucks on the lot more than few weeks. Low production is the issue but it's also selling faster than anyone expected. One dealer, just under 10 miles from my house happened to receive the one I wanted, fully loaded, white with black interior and optional grand black lacquer wood trim (aka Piano finish). I had to pull the trigger on that one real fast before someone else.

Nice choice in color

When I first saw GX460 in photos, I was excited about the interior look. But after seeing LR4's all new interior and GX interior in person, that shiny silver looking plastics on GX's dash and door panels look like a joke compare to gorgeous looking brushed/polished "real" steel on LR4. I am sorry but that's way too much plastics for $60k+ car if you ask me. I remember reading a review where writer critized the new GX being over priced new 4Runner. Yeah that's not true but I felt Lexus could have done better on the interior. I learned that Toyota is trying to do a major cost cut on new models. I think I can see it. I think Lexus didn't go all out on new GX.

The new Land Rovers are going to put a lot of vehicles interiors to shame.

I went to Land Rover for kicks and giggles after test driving a black on black GX 460; Range Rover got the last laugh! The 2010's are elegant to say the least!

And 5 camera 360' surrounding monitoring system on LR4 which can be fully operational at full speed, each view can be selected, zomed in, moved around blows the wide view camera option on GX out of the water. If you are going to add a feature, why not do it all the way (cost cut)? Plus wide view camera on GX was tied to more expensive option groups and wasn't even available yet or really hard to find in early builds according to my dealer.

I was just thinking the same thing. I wonder when Lexus began this whole cost cutting initive? My 06 is solid, I wonder about the previous years...

I felt LR made a giant leap on this 2010 redesign. They claim they had to change over 1300 parts compare to 2009 LR3. The material, design and fit of interior felt better than GX to me. Plus my LR4 came at $59K fully loaded MSRP compared to $62K plus for GX similarly equipped without wide view camera and inteligent high beam option. With standard 19" wheel compared to smallish 18" wheel on GX, it was simply a better car for the money.


The cargo space, head and leg rooms expecially the 3rd row seat was noticeably better on LR4 and my 2.5 year old daughter has been estatic about the glass roof above her head and being able to see the "twinkle little" stars etc. Plus LR4 2nd row seat are devided more evenly, 35/30/35, my wife feels much comfortable if she has to seat between two car seats. On GX, outboard passengers get bigger share of seat then the middle person.
A small family or couple with no or grown up kids, GX will be fine. But for family with very young childrens needing car seats I find that LR4 provides room and comfort I didn't find in GX.

Good to know that the wife and kids will be happy.

Now no cars are without flaws. I find that it's much harder to close the door compare to my old GS and old 07 GX470. Sale's man claimed that it's because they had to put heavy duty door seals to make it water proof. LR4 is designed to go through the water that's like headlight deep.

That's a quibble of mine as well. In my IS the doors practically close by themselves; very little effort is required, not the same in the Land Rover.

Rear top hatch is also very hard to close. A GS style power auto closure would have been really nice.

I miss the cooled seat and auto dimming outside mirror.

Engine doesn't feel as silky smooth as GX that Lexus is known for but does give you more sporty sound and it definitely feels more powerful.
But it does feel smoother than my GS350 which also has a direct fuel injection that new GX doesn't which is known to make the gas engine feel like diesel engine sometimes.

Rear AC/Heater control doesnt have any LCD display like GX does. This is one of few items that got carried over from 09.
A 110V outlet would have been nice but 12v outlet is in the cargo area so I guess I will just buy a invertor or retrofit one my self. Does new GX come with 110v outlet? I know old one does and it came in handy few times.

Rear entertainment system, although I didn't get it, looks way better on GX. If something like that was available on LR4, I would have gladly paid for it.

The starter button has to be pressed longer than Lexus one when starting or shutting down. In my old GS, I simply touch the button and engien will start. On LR4, I have to press and hold it for 1-2 seconds. It will take getting used to.

Wiper seems noiser but I guess chaging the blades to differen kind could fix this.

Front parking sensor is sound only, no visual graphic display like my GS used to to. But I've got two cameras at the front!

Nav screen size is smaller than GX. I like the larger screen on GX plus night mode (changes the back ground color to black) navigation lacks on LR4.

No memory seat for front passenger side.

And this is one gas guzzling truck.

Anyway I am extremly happy with my truck so far and I love it so much so that I am willing to put up with any reliability issue down the road. But looking at the things they improved on 2010 redesign I am also expecting they worked hard to improve the reliability too.

Again, like I said before, Land Rover is not for everyone. I happened to love their unique old-world classic design and it fit my family better than GX. But if you are in a market for GX, do check out LR4. Don't simply dismiss it thinking of old Land Rover Discovery or LR3 with crappy interior quality, ride and reliability issues. If you do, you are going to miss a lot.

My father in law, althogh impressed with LR4 interior, will get the new GX to replace their old GX470. They don't have anyone else to ride in the back and being older folks and not much interested in design details and gadgets etc, they just want a SUV that can tow their RV trailer without any fuss.

Btw, if there are interests from potential buyer, I will post some pictures for comparison.
Since your father-in-law is getting the GX around the same time that you are getting your LR4, you can do year over year comparisions. You can look and see what if or glad you didn't.

Sounds like you are very happy with your purchase; that is what counts the most. Congratulations and here's to many happy years with your Rangie!
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