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SBCsx 03-03-13 03:43 PM

Tire replacement any recommendations?
Currently running stock wheels and tires. I was just wondering what everyone else is running.

Any recommendations? Mostly looking at UHP, I doubt that the car will ever see snow or the track . I don't care if its loud tire or mpg increase, mainly looking for cornering, some what cheap, and longevity.

I was considering Falken 452 or Federal 595. I was quoted $415 for falkens and $275 for federals not including installation. I've basically only used these two tires and had great experience with them.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

ctecho 03-08-13 03:25 PM

I'm considering replacing with Continental ExtremeContact DWS when the time comes. Nice performer all around.

ACowabunga 03-09-13 09:05 PM

The Michelin tires that came on the car are great tires and any other tire you get will just pretty much be equivalent. The Conti's are another great option but my question is, why change the tires when Lexus designed the car with these particular ones in mind? This car isn't a track car or a speed machine so there really isn't a need upgrade the tires to something like a Michelin Pilot Super Sport. The current tires are quiet, roll well, and allow the CT to achieve their advertised MPG, just replace them with another set of Primacys. You can get a fairly good price at Discount/America's Tires and they'll come with a mileage and time warranty from Michelin. I hope this helps.

chargerfan 03-10-13 12:09 AM

3 words for ya ...... "low rolling resistance"

m R g S r 03-13-13 07:45 PM

I just ordered 235/40-18 achilles 2233 for my works that just came in. No review on them yet, but they were literally DIRT cheap. $356 shipped to me from online tires.

SBCsx 03-13-13 10:39 PM

^^nice let me know how you like them

m R g S r 03-14-13 06:21 AM

I'll be sure to post up. I've seen a few others on here running them as well.

My dad has had a bunch of sets of the 452's on his Lexus's. last set was on OEM fat spoked wheels on his LS460L. They seem to cup pretty easily and then make loud roaring noise after about 15k miles. Luckily he gets falkens for cost, and they are GREAT tires when new, but they seem to wear pret quickly. Wear unevenly that is. Because after 15k on his there was a bunch of tread left, they were just noisy due to the uneven wear.

Dawa 03-14-13 07:37 AM

love bridgestone potenza runflats. and after having a blow out on the highway, love them even more

SBCsx 03-14-13 10:49 AM

hey mRgsr next time when ordering tires try

They're mostly on forums thats were I usual lurk around for car related stuff.

CityTireOnline is local to me so thats where I usual shop,they have the best prices around thats but they dont usual advertise their prices on their website.

Heres a link of their current sales. ( )

But if you purchased from them it wouldve been $65 per tired for 235/40/18(total for 4 =$260) . However I don't know how much they charge for shipping since your all the way in the east coast.

Yeah the falken fk452s usual go out pretty fast but damn they grip so well on the corners. I was looking at their new design FK453 with asymetrical thread pattern hopefully it'll be more low rolling resistance than the older design.

m R g S r 03-14-13 12:19 PM

Yeah it was $67 per tire plus $86 for shipping. 118lbs I believe So not bad on the shipping, very similar price for the tires.

SBCsx 03-14-13 05:56 PM

thanks ACowabunga I'll take your advice into consideration thanks for your input.

Trexus 04-02-14 04:55 PM

I recently ordered the new Michelin Premiere A/S tires. I'll let you know how good of a tires they are once I have them installed...

whlkev 04-03-14 02:07 PM


Originally Posted by chargerfan (Post 7812562)
3 words for ya ...... "low rolling resistance"

yup and there's a reason why Lexus puts the Michelin Primacy MXM4 on the CT

I wouldn't use anything else. Expensive but worth every penny for the Michelin

Clutchless 04-15-14 08:24 AM

Hankook Ventus Noble from Tire Rack are their top rated high performance all season tire. Just ordered 4. $60 rebate through end of May.

Update: Been driving on them for a week and they are as quiet or quieter than the Michelins. Handling is great, fast turn in, great grip. Ride quality appears better than the Michelins. Have not compared mileage yet. So far, they seem to be great tires.

nabbun 04-15-14 11:42 AM

I'm going with Michelin Pilot Super Sport for my summer setup. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3 (W- or Y-Speed Rated) for the winters.

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