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Droid13 06-22-13 05:32 PM

Owning Apple products prevent distracted driving?
So last year my son managed to break the screen on his Ipod and got another one. His original still worked, if you didn't mind glass bits in your fingers when you swiped the top part of the screen. It had been lying around in a drawer for a while and this past couple of days I decided I would make use of it for dedicated USB music in my RX. I knew the Apple integration offered more features like playlists, Album lists, etc., better than the simple folder list when using a USB stick, as I had been doing for some time. But I was really surprised to find that all the list scrolling features worked while moving.

This has probably been mentioned before but I wasn't paying attention, but my first thought was WTH? Why is it that it's dangerous to be able to scroll a song or folder list on a USB stick while in motion, but it's perfectly ok to select different sort options, and scroll songs, albums, artists, playlists without limit while using an Ipod. Is upgrading from a USB stick to an iPod grant you the capability of not running over pedestrians while looking for that special song that is 48th position of your favorite playlist?


BobBass 06-23-13 04:16 PM


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