Could This Be the World’s Most Expensive Toyota Camry?

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Not only is this most likely the world’s most expensive Toyota Camry, but it could easily be the most technologically advanced and fastest Camry of them all.

We’re talking about the 2010 Toyota Camry NASCAR Edition, and thanks to RK Motors from Charlotte, North Carolina, you can buy this bad boy on eBay at this very moment. The price? A staggering $159,999 USD.

Look at this Camry from afar, and you’ll most likely only notice the shouty red and white paint job and oversized wheels with red brake calipers. Pay a little more attention though, and you’ll discover that this NASCAR Edition is a coupe, and not a sedan. Oh, and that grille — it’s a fake, just like in a real stock car.


Besides the flamboyant side exhaust pipes, carbon fiber side mirrors, and in-your-face interior, the real magic happens in the engine bay. This Toyota Camry is far from ordinary, with its massive NASCAR-derived TRD engine guaranteed to deliver the loudest and most powerful roar in most neighborhoods. The 358 cubic-inch V8 pumps out a mind-blowing 680 horsepower at a screaming 8,500 revolutions per minute.


The chassis features the latest and greatest in suspension and brakes to make sure to keep this beast relatively tamed. But more importantly, this vehicle has already built a reputation as a show-stopper, having appeared at SEMA and on various magazine covers.

If you need a unique and powerful ride, look no further than this Toyota Camry!

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